A brick at the Saranac Laboratory has been dedicated in the name of Mary R. Gordon by Historic Saranac Lake.

Born: 1911

Died: 1980

Married: Albert H. Gordon, October 5, 1934.

Children: Albert, Mary, Sarah, John and Dan

Mary Rousmaniere Gordon, called Polly, was a private patient in Saranac Lake, suffering from acute tuberculosis. She spent three and a half years here. During that time her husband "managed things at home," as well as at his Wall Street firm, and he "visited Polly every other weekend, a ten-hour round trip." Her cure was successful, and she returned home to her family, giving birth to sons John and Dan after her cure.

Source: Al Gordon of Kidder, Peabody by S. Melvin Rines

The Guild News, April 25, 1941, page 12

"Mrs. Albert Gordon has been here [at Alta Vista Lodge] since last June. Her husband is a member of the firm of Lee, Peabody & Co., brokers."