Born: June 18, 1905


Married: Dr. Carl Herold


Mercedes Lembcke Herold was an artist who made wood engravings, including an engraving of Little Red and a Christmas card for Dr. Frank and Ursula Trudeau.

In Germany as an art student, she met Dr. Carl Herold, whom she married. She came to Saranac Lake with her husband, who could have been a doctor at Trudeau Sanatorium or possibly a patient. She produced the illustrations for Isabel Smith's memoir of curing, Wish I Might.

The Herolds lived on Trudeau Road, in the house that is now the home of Tom and Marlene Hyde.


2010-02-24 09:48:53   See corrected spelling of Lembcke. —

2012-11-29 06:27:00   Dr. Herold, a very distinguished psychoanalyst, was a indeed a patient at the sanatorium. He later established a private practice at Saranac Lake. His son was the National Book Award-winning biographer J. christopher Herold. —