Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 12, 2004

Merrillsville Post Office

By Howard Riley

Franklin Falls may have been the earliest settlement in the town of Franklin, founded in about 1827, but Merrillsville was settled a couple of years later and boasted the earliest United States Post Office in Franklin Township, which was established on July 29, 1837.

In 1831, a 24 year-old man by the name of John Robertson Merrill came over from Vermont with a group of friends and built the Merrill Inn, which still stands today in pretty much its original condition. The inn was the site of that early post office, and of course, Merrill was named postmaster. . . .

This list of Post Offices, transcribed by Teresa R. Eshelman from information from the National Archives, is given in Volume IV (1991) of the Town of Franklin journal, "They Told Me So." 

John R. Merrill


July 29, 1837



December 29, 1843



March 26, 1844

Jeremiah D. Merrill


January 4, 1855

Apollos A. Smith


June 18, 1858

Name changed to Hunters Home


June 18, 1858

Name changed back to Merrillsville


between 1858 and 1861

John Merrill


July 5, 1861

Charles B. Lyman


December 20, 1864

Wm. W. Merrill


May 24, 1867

William J. Ayres


December 16, 1868

James W. Littlejohn


June 17, 1869

Ferd W. Chase


April 4, 1881

Name changed to Loon Lake


February 16, 1882