Born: 1858, son of Horatio N. Otis and Eunice White

Died: July, 17, 1947

Married: Anna Etta Mulligan


Chiefly known for:

Essex County Republican, August 1, 1947

Millard Otis, Aged 89 Saranac Lake Pioneer Began Career As Cook

Millard Otis, veteran of the mountains and lifelong resident of the Lake Clear section, died at the Saranac Lake General hospital on July 17, 1947, at the age of 89 years. He had been ill only a short time.

Mr. Otis was one of the pioneer settlers who aided in developing the Lake Clear section, his family having owned almost all of the territory where the lake is located and extending from the Harrietstown road to a point where the Saranac Inn property is now located.

Mr. Otis' grandfather came the Adirondack wilderness early in the 1800's, settling here and acquiring much land. His father, Horatio Otis, and his mother, Eunice White Otis, were born in Vermont.

Mr. Otis began his business career as a cook at Saranac Inn, at the time it was opened. His wife, Etta, who died was employed as head waitress at the hotel.


As of April 2018, Millard and Anna Etta's great niece, Cathy Fisher (daughter of Jeanne Otis) Hohmeyer and her family continue their traditions in offering lodgings and restaurant at The Lake Clear Lodge. (built by Millard and Anna Etta)