The historic barns at Moonstone Farm. Picture by Kim LaDuke. The barn was featured on the cover of Adirondack Life magazine in 1992 – and in the Adirondack Life calendar in 2006.Moonstone Farm has a rich history of providing lumber, dairy, meats, eggs, and vegetables to the Saranac Lake and Bloomingdale area operating as a farm for over 100 years. The farmhouse and barn were built in the mid 1800s. The second barn was built sometime after 1914 with modern milking operations and a milk storage building. The chicken coop (still in operation) was built in the late 1910s based off of a 1914 book built for the aspiring chicken farmer. An attached barn was added to the main barn before the great depression.

In 1940 Percy S. Mullen's sister purchased the property and gave it to him. Mullen's Cash Store in Saranac Lake sold farm produce farm the farm. In 1966, Percy sold the farm to Raymond McCasland and his wife Agnes. Ray and Agnes spent several years cleaning and modernizing the farmhouse and began living in it in 1970. In 1999, Kim LaDuke and Carolyn LaDuke (Ray & Agnes's daughter) purchased the farm from Ray. Kim and Carolyn spent a number of years modernizing the farmhouse again and putting some modern infrastructure into the farm including a greenhouse, a hoophouse, a sawmill, and a farmstore. Kim and Carolyn opened the farmstore on the property in 2011 and continued its operation until the land was sold in 2017. Erin & Jake Vennie-Vollrath purchased the farm from Kim and Carolyn in November of 2017.