Sara Nederlander in the 1926 Canaras Address: 211 Park Avenue

Old Address: 100 Park Avenue

Other Names: Kilbourne Cottage (1930) DIS

Year built: c. 1915-16

Architect: Scopes and Feustmann

Other information: A bungalow-style cure cottage built by J.J. O'Connell for investment purposes; he sold it in May, 1916 to Frank and Alice Mannix. There is a twelve-foot octagonal cure porch on the west side of the house, accessible from a bedroom.

The first known resident was Mrs. Kathleen McFarlane Hammond, a wealthy Canadian composer, who lived there until her death of TB in late 1917. In 1921 the house was sold to Alice and John Morgan, the village fire chief and organizer of the local Elks Club. In 1925, the house was rented to Robert Nederlander, a patient, and his wife and two daughters. Later in the twenties, a wealthy South American, a Mr. Dreyfors rented it. The house was never registered with the T.B. Society.

In 1943, John and Edward English inherited the house from Alice Morgan.  It was then sold that same year to Raleigh Finch who was the Manager of Paul Smith's Electric Company.  In 1967 the house was sold again to William and Anne Boutelier who lived there until 1986 when the house was sold again the the William Amberman family.  In 2021 the house was purchase by Rich and Diane Loeber.

2011-07-06 18:42:04   My grandfather was the "wealthy South American, Mr. Dreyfors."

Ann Williams —

Thanks, Ann! Do you have any information you'd care to share about Mr. Dreyfors? His full name, birth and death dates, any stories about him? Best of all photographs? If so, send me an email at [email protected]. We'd love to do a page on him!

  • An item in the Lake Placid News of January 17, 1936 reads: "Mrs. Alvin Dreyfors and her two children, Miss Juana and Master John, of Buenos Aires, are at the Club [presumably the Lake Placid Club] for a ten-day visit. The children are experiencing their first snow and ice and too."
  • An item in the Adirondack Enterprise of May 29, 1948: "Dr. Madeleine K. Dreyfors and her son, John, have arrived from Washington, D. C, to spend a short time at the Hotel Saranac while visiting friends here. They are former residents."

And a J. Dreyfors appears in reports of various track and skiing meets in the early 1940s. Is this your family?

Thanks again, — Marc Wanner

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