A Winter Carnival float in front of 28 Bloomingdale Avenue. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 19, 1999 American Village laundromat, on the site of the Morgan House (Click here for Historic image) Address: 51 Bloomingdale Avenue

Old Address: 28 Bloomingdale Avenue

Other names: J. Morgan Cottage (1949) DIS

Year built:

Other information: This house was located on the northwest corner of Bloomingdale Avenue and Margaret Street, surrounded by those streets, the railroad tracks and William Morris Park. The house was torn down some time after 1977 and replaced by the new American Village laundromat and dry cleaner. It was the home of the Joseph DeNicolo family.

A note from Tia Hamm indicates that the family sold the house around 1990 or 1991 a few years before they moved to Bloomingdale. She wrote "Sad sad day for me to see pics of that house being torn down. Many memories including my dog that was burried in that yard!" —Tia DeNicolo Hamm

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