Born: November 17, 1813, a son of Jeremiah Hayes

Died: July 30, 1893, age 79 years, 8 months, 13 days, buried in Brookside Cemetery

Married: Roxey E. T. (died September 28, 1892, age 79 years, 5 months, 30 days)

Children: Louisa Hayes, Patience Hayes, Nathan James Hayes (January 7 1849 - April 26, 1931), and Ahaz Hayes ( May 19, 1851 - August 3, 1900)

Nathan S. Charles Hayes was an early settler in Bloomingdale, having arrived in 1837.  Hayes claimed that there were only seven or eight families living within a five-mile radius of the place at the time. Nathan's father, Jeremiah, worked for Uriah Sumner at the forge and the mill. The only other industry in the area was the Hayes farm, where crops of wheat, oats, rye, and beans were raised. In 1840, a log schoolhouse was built and Harriet Hayes was appointed as the first teacher.  His home, erected in 1832, is said to be the oldest building extant in Bloomingdale.

In 1852, a committee of three men — Nathan Hayes, Charles Toof, and James Pierce — was chosen to select a name for the settlement. After due deliberation the name of Bloomingdale was decided upon to forecast a prosperous future for the growing community.

Source: Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 27, 1989 (see Bloomingdale)