The National VaudMarch 15, 1929eville Artists (NVA) started life as the Vaudeville Managers Association (VMA).  It was a union of vaudeville performers and managers. It was acquired in 1907 by theatrical agent Edward F. Albee II.  There was an attempt of a second Union formed called the White Rats (a men's only union) that tried to strike against the NVA twice.  The second strike failed so badly the the White Rats went bankrupt.

Originally 80 Park Avenue was the home for the National Vaudeville Artists ailing Vaudevillians.  Then later several cottages were built on Spion Kop Hill for the performers.  In 1927, the National Vaudeville Artists founded a lodge at Saranac Lake as a convalescent home for performers afflicted with tuberculosis; it evolved into the Will Rogers Memorial Hospital

Vaudevillians loved Saranac Lake and on March 15, 1929, they put on a Benefit Show to raise money for Disabled Veterans.  (Being 1929 that would make it for most likely Veterans from WWI and possibly the Spanish American War)

From Leslie Hoffman's Collection

From Leslie Hoffman's Collection

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