This photograph is captioned "V.N. State Road 1/13/29." It is from an album of Verdo Newman, and the context suggests that it is State Route 3, near Lower Saranac Lake. Courtesy of Lynn Newman. Removal of the old "State Bridge" on Route 3. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 6, 1993 New York State Route 3 (NY 3) is a 246-mile highway in New York State that connects the central New York community of Stirling, on southeastern Lake Erie, to the city of Plattsburgh on Lake Champlain. Locally, it runs from Tupper Lake to Saranac Lake via Corey's, and thence to Plattsburgh via Bloomingdale and Vermontville.

Elizabethtown Post, April 5, 1900

The town Board of Harriettstown has made a contract with the Canton Bridge Company for the construction of four new iron bridges to be built within the town during the coming summer at a total expenditure of $17,500. The money is to be raised by the sale of twenty year bonds, payable in equal annual payments, with interest. The longest and most important bridge is to be constructed across the Saranac River near the outlet of Lower Saranac Lake, This is to be a one span bridge 180 feet long and is to cost $13,500, This bridge will connect the hotels and camps of the Upper Saranac with Saranac Lake village, whereas heretofore traffic between those places has been carried on by the use of boats, as the bridge was considered unsafe. It is anticipated that this drive will be very popular among pleasure seekers as well as for business purposes.

Lake Placid News, March 4, 1927

Will Build New Road North from Bloomingdale

According to word received by Lewis G. Graeves, president of the Saranac Lake chamber of commerce, construction of the 12 miles of concrete highway between Bloomingdale and Merrillsville will be carried out this year. This road is known as the "short route" between Saranac Lake and Plattsburg and has long   been fairly popular with motorists.

It is planned to construct an 18-foot highway that with the links already built will afford traveller a state highway over the entire route which traverses some of the wildest and most interesting scenery in the Adirondacks.



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