New York Route 86 (NY 86) is a 39-mile long state highway that runs from Paul Smiths to Jay, New York. Much of the route follows the Old Military Road.

Early road work was done by the residents who lived along the road using equipment purchased by the town. In 1894, the Town of Brighton bought a stone crusher and put a crushed-stone surface on the road from Paul Smiths to Gabriels, and in 1916, the town put asphalt down on that section, the first paved road in the town. 1

The NY 86 route designation was established in 1930 when the state renumbered most state routes, largely replacing a realigned NY 3. The portion of NY 86 north of Harrietstown was once NY 192. The section from Saranac Lake to Lake Placid is known as the Sara-Placid Highway.

The section from Peck's Corners to the north end of Broadway, built in 1953, is named Lake Colby Drive. That section, and perhaps a bit farther north, was built on the abandoned right-of-way of the Mohawk and Malone Railroad, which accounts for its level grade.

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Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Notes

Starts at New York Route 30 at Paul Smiths College
It immediately passes Cooler Pond on the right,
then Hoffman Road and Church Pond on the left.

  68 NY 86 St. John's in the Wilderness Episcopal Church Also St. John's in the Wilderness Cemetery
  59 NY 86 Paul Smiths Gabriels Volunteer Fire Department  
Passes White Pine Road on the left
and then Jones Pond Road on the left

This is the bottom of Easy Street

  12 Jones Pond Road Brighton Town Hall  
  216 NY 86 216 NY 86  
  222 NY 86 222 NY 86  
  225 NY86 225 NY 86  
  226 NY86 226 NY 86  
  232 NY86 232 NY 86  
  236 NY86 236 NY 86  
  237 NY86 237 NY 86  
  240 NY86 240 NY 86  
  243 NY86  243 NY 86  
  248 NY86 248 NY 86  
  249 NY86  
  254 NY86 254 NY 86  
  259 NY86 259 NY 86  
  262 NY86 262 NY 86  
  265 NY86 265 NY 86  
  272 NY86 272 NY 86  
  273 NY86 273 NY 86  
    Pine Haven  
Top of Easy Street
  451 NY86 451 NY 86  
  543 NY86 The Red Mill Now the St. Regis Suites
  548 NY86 MC Motors  
  NY86 Gabriels Sanatorium  (Camp Gabriels)
Passes Bert LaFountain Road to the south Gabriels-Onchiota Road to the north
  794 NY86 794 NY 86  
  806 NY86 Gabriels Grange  
  NY86 Ted's Grocery  
  805 NY86 805 NY 86  
  815 NY86 815 NY 86  
  826 NY86 Church of the Assumption  
  878 NY86 878 NY 86  

Passes Mountain View Cemetery

Passes the Gabriels-Bloomingdale Road

  60 County Route 55 Moody Tree Farm  

Passes Split Rock Road

Passes Darwin Brown Road

Enters Harrietstown
NY86 becomes Harrietstown Road
    Harrietstown Cemetery  

Passes New York Route 186 to Lake Clear

  1562 NY86 Donnelly's  
  1729 NY86 Linden's Brookside Cabins  
  2030 NY86 Hillside Lodge  

Passes Trudeau Road (east) and Peck's Corners Road (west)
at Peck's Corners

Passes Lake Colby

Adirondack Medical Center  
Continues through the village as Broadway, continues as Bloomingdale Avenue, Church Street, River Street and Lake Flower Avenue. West of Lake Flower Avenue it was called the Sara-Placid Highway.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 15, 1952


Final plans for the improvement of the continuation of Route No. 10 coming down from Malone were made public today. They will be Up for approval at a public hearing to be held at 10 a.m. on October 28 in Malone.

The new road, actually a part of Route No. 86, is the result of the endeavors of Assemblyman Robert Main and the Franklin County Board of Supervisors headed by Hayward Plumadore, of Harrietstown. Completion of the highway improvement by the State will leave only one "bad entrance" to Saranac Lake — Route No. 3 from Tupper Lake.

And, Mr. Plumadore said today, this highway job is in category one on the State Highway Department's agenda.

The plans for the Route No. 86 improvement show a 1.79-mile highway extending from the point north of the Cohen store where the old railroad track crosses the present road to Durgan's.

In as straight a line as possible the proposed road runs from Cohen's store to he old New York Central Railroad tracks, then deviates from the present road and follows straight along the road bed of the old tracks, past the site of the old Latour ice house, along the edge of Colby Pond in as straight a line as possible, still following the old road bed to a point back of Durgan's. This is where the plans released today end.

To build the new road, varied properties will have to be acquired, including land owned by the railroad, Leon Latour, Mrs. William Morris and J. Bronson Trevor.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 11, 1953

[T]he Village Trustees have another problem—getting a name for the new State road from Lake Colby that is now under construction.

Judge Gordon Vosburgh, representing the Harrietstown Town Board, attended last night's meeting of the Trustees to suggest that the Town and Village Boards hold a joint meeting to name the new entrance to town.

"The road will be finished in December," Judge Vosburgh said. "and it if it has no name there won't be any mail deliveries on it."

Mayor Anderson suggested "Morris Road", in honor of the late William Morris, or "Northwest Bay Road". Trustee Vernon Wamsganz mentioned "Lake Colby Boulevard". No action was taken by the Trustees who asked for suggestions from the public.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, January 8, 1953

1.8 Miles in Franklin To Be Reconstructed

A low bid of $252,609.50 from MK. Engineering Co., Inc., of Albany, was received at Albany lately by B.D. Tallamy, New York State Superintendent of Public Works, for construction with asphalt concrete on 1.8 miles of Route 86 northward out of Saranac Lake toward Harrietstown. State engineers had estimated cost of this work at $281,000 will begin in the village of Saranac Lake just north of the intersection of Ampersand Avenue and Broadway and proceed northerly on Broadway for about 1,000 feet before cutting off to the west of existing Route 86.Proceeding on new location generally northwesterly along the east shore of Colby Pond, the route will rejoin existing Route 86 about 1,900 feet north of Pecks Corners, where the project will terminate.





1. The Brighton Story, p. 54