Amy Kohanski
Adirondack Daily Enterprise
, April 1, 1994
Nori's Village Market, originally Nori's Whole Foods was started by Lenore "Nori" Wright, at 70 Broadway, the Masonic Temple, in 1989.  By 1994 it had been sold to Amy Kohanski, expanded in size and added a vegetarian take-out delicatessen. In 2000, with new co-owner Lori Dodge, the store moved to a location in back of the Sears building (Newberry's) that doubled their space.  By 2007, Andy Keal had become a partner, and in 2015, the store moved to 138 Church Street after extensive renovations. And in 2019, they expanded into the former garage bays of Go Automotive which had been turned into a large seating space for diners. (See 22 Church Street.)


See also: 24 Woodruff Street




Nori's second location, off of the Sears parking lot (later a Tae Quon Do studio and in 2022, Adirondack Art Rise)Pictured are Allen Dunham, Lorraine Kelly, Rhonette Dumont, Ashley Ogden, Sylvie Nelson, Roy Hurd, Amy Kohanski, Andy Keal, Lori Dodge-Cushman, Adrienne Kielmeier, Julie Fischer and Sarah Curtis.  Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 27, 2007









138 Church Street