Why is this photo apparently taken in Russia in the Adirondack Collection? It's the old Saranac Lake Boys Club transformed for the movies! A note on the back identifies the subject as "Norma Talmadge State Armory" and "Movie made in S. L.," probably The New Moon, 1919. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, December 17, 2011. Norma Talmadge, 1929 Born: May 2, 1894

Died: December 24, 1957

Married: Joseph Schenck (1916–1934), George Jessel (1934–1939), Carvel James (1946–1957)

Norma Talmadge was an American actress and film producer of the silent era. A major box office draw for more than a decade, her career reached a peak in the early 1920s, when she ranked among the most popular idols of the American screen. Her most famous films were Smilin’ Through (1922), Secrets (1924) and The Lady (1925). Talmadge married millionaire film producer Joseph Schenck and they created their own production company. After reaching fame in the film studios on the East Coast, she moved to Hollywood in 1922.

She was one of the most elegant and glamorous film stars of the roaring twenties, but by the end of the silent film era, her popularity with audiences waned, and she retired a very wealthy woman after two failures in the era of talkies. She is little remembered, yet in her day she was hugely popular and the epitome of stardom.

Norma Talmadge, playing Princess Marie Pavlovna and Marc McDermott as Vasili Lazoff in The New Moon", in Saranac Lake, 1919; the plot involves a princess who protects Russian women from savage Bolsheviks.