Norman M. Moss, 1975. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, December 27, 1982

Born: August 12, 1895

Died: December 21, 1982


Children: Mary E. Moss, Margaret Moss, Mrs. Barbara Herjanic, Rev. John A. Moss

The reverend Norman M. Moss was the pastor of the Saranac Lake Methodist Church from 1949 to 1957, when he left to become pastor of the Northville Methodist Church.

He lived at 25 St. Bernard Street.

He is buried in the North Elba Cemetery in Lake Placid.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 14, 1963

Dear Sir;

I have been interested to read the accounts of the 125th Anniversary Year of the Methodist Church, covering the period from the time my great-grandfather came to Saranac Lake in 1938 to the present. Certainly church and parish have shown progress.

However, in the continuity of this history there seems to have been a rather noticeable omission, and that is of the eight years' service of the Rev. Norman M. Moss, from 1949 to 1957. He took over when the church, following the depression and the war years, was at almost the lowest ebb in its history, rebuilt the congregation, reinstituted the activities, and was responsible for the initiation of the Program of Progress by which funds were raised to repair and redecorate the church and retire the heavy mortgage (although the mortgage-burning ceremony did not take place until after he had left.)

Both Mr. and Mrs. Moss were well-known throughout the community, and the esteem in which they were held was evidenced by the feet that many non-members of the church expressed at their leaving and asked to contribute to the farewell gift which was presented to them.

Mr. Moss went from Saranac Lake to a parish in Northfield. N.Y. where he remained until he reached retirement age. when they removed to Alplaus, N.Y. However, leisure soon palled on his active temperament, and he has since served, and is still serving, as substitute or supply pastor in various churches. He and Mrs. Moss still retain their camp on Schroon Lake, and no summer season passes that they do not entertain various friends from Saranac Lake who regard them both with personal affection and with admiration for the work accomplished while they were residents of Saranac Lake

I trust this letter may serve not only as a tribute to a fine and hard-working pastor and his wife, but as an item of interest to many persons who remember them but who may have lost touch with their whereabouts and activities during the past years.


(Miss) Helen R. Smith
Port Henry