Patrick J. McKeown, 1923. Believed to be at the old St. John's Hospital in L.I. City (the present site of Citi Tower) Patrick J. McKeown, MD, 1927, with his wife Anne, and their son, Patrick J. McKeown, III. The photo was taken at his wife's mother's summer home in Sterling Forest, on Greenwood Lake, New York. Born: c. 1899

Died: July 1929

Married: Anna Curtin McKeown

Children: Patrick J. McKeown, III; Anne Mattison

Dr. Patrick J. McKeown was a young physician from Astoria, New York City. He came to Saranac Lake in August or September of 1928, staying in a cottage on Church Street, at 26 Church Street. He had tuberculosis in his throat; he died the following July.

Source: Dr. McKeown's grandson, John F. McKeown A brick at the Saranac Laboratory has been dedicated in the name of P. J. McKeown, M.D. by his grandson, John F. McKeown.


The TB Society's Report of a Case of Tuberculosis At the cure cottage: the "rest cure" (1928) Patrick J. McKeown, III, on the Main Street bridge, with 10 Main Street behind (1929)


Patrick J. McKeown, III, with neighborhood children (1929) Patrick J. McKeown, III, with neighborhood children (1929)


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