PFC Paul F. RobertsBorn: 1926

Died: 1977

Married: Martile T. Roberts (Midge) - 1952

Children: Alan & Dale Roberts

Paul F. Roberts was a World War II veteran.

Sibling to Lawrence Roberts and Francis Roberts

PFC Paul F. Roberts out for a Water Buffalo ride with some Philippine Island locals - 1945Paul Roberts entered service toward the end of World War II and was in both the European as well as the Asia-Pacific theaters of operations.  He originally was sent to Europe to help with the efforts there, but when the war with Nazi Germany ended his Combat Engineer Unit was transferred to the Pacific via the Panama Canal.  He arrived in the Philippine Islands after their liberation from the Japanese and was stationed there in preparation for the land invasion of Japan.  While he was stationed in the Philippines, he was assigned to guarding some of the locals who were in internment camps because it was unclear that they had collaborated with the Japanese.  My dad felt sorry for some of them and one day bought a large bunch of bananas and distributed them in the camp.  As a token of gratitude for his kindness they made him a butterfly knife and a machete which were hand made from scrap metal. The machete, which my brother has, was very well crafted and had a hand tooled leather case, tooled blade with scroll work and "Philippines" on the blade, and "Roberts" on the black ebony handle. I am amazed that "prisoners" were allowed to create these items, but I remember dad telling me that they were low level individuals which were being screened for any possible collaboration and many were being released.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war with Japan and he safely returned home, unlike his brother, Lawrence Roberts.  There are many people who question the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan to end the war and prevent the enormous loss of life which an invasion by our forces would have incurred.  I look at this question from the perspective that my father may have been killed in such an invasion, therefore he never would have married Martile, and my brother and I would never have been born.  We cannot change history, we can only appreciate the events, learn from them, and appreciate the outcomes.  - Alan D. Roberts