Born: 1870

Died: 1927, buried at Woodlawn, N. Y.

Married: Carrie Munger, in 1909

Paul Smith, Jr. was the third son of Paul Smith. He was the youngest of the guides photographed by A. W. Durkee at Paul Smith's boathouse on August 8, 1884. He served for a time as vice president of the Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power and Railroad Company; in 1925, he sold his interest in the company for about one million dollars, and moved to the south. His widow, Carrie Smith, left $100,000 each to the Saranac Lake General Hospital and the Trudeau Sanatorium when she died in 1931.

Plattsburgh Republican, December 24, 1898

W. C. Witherbee, of Port Henry, Hon. Geo. A. Stevens, of Lake Placid, and Paul Smith, Jr., of Brighton, returned last week from a week's moose hunt in Canada. They saw twelve moose and killed four. Mr. Witherbee shot the prize, a bull moose 7 feet 4 inches high at the shoulders and, weighing nearly 1,200 pounds.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, May 19, 1927


Saturday at Richmond, Va.— Ulcerated Tooth Ends Fatally to Adirondack Hotelman

Word reached Saranac Lake Saturday of the death of Paul Smith at Richmond, Va. Heart disease brought a sudden end to illness caused by infection from an ulcerated tooth. He was fifty-seven years old. Mr. Smith was the son of the famous Adirondack woodsman, business man and hotel Proprietor who died several years ago. He was the hotel owner, guide and host to President Coolidge at the latter's camp last summer. He and his brother, Phelps Smith, inherited one of the greatest properties in the Adirondacks. For a time after the death of his father Paul Smith took an active part in management of the hotel, railroad. electric power. real estate and lumbering business left by his parent.

During late years, however, he spent much time in travel, but was often at Paul Smith's, where he lived in one of the cottages connected with the great hotel. In 1925 he sold his interest in Adirondack properties left by his father to New York people at a reputed price of more than one million dollars. The body of Smith was brought to the Adirondacks and buried beside his famous father in the church yard at St. John's in the Wilderness, Wednesday. He is survived by a widow and one brother.