Address: No new addresses for any of these sites.

Old Address:

Year built:

Other information: Three Perez Cottages have been found in the Disinfection records.

Perez Cottage at 27 1/2 Church Street (old address); DIS 1912. The site is now vacant.

Perez Cottage 2 at 1 Seneca Street (old address); DIS 1929.

Perez Cottage at 55 1/2 Main Street (old address), described as "behind Newberry's" — now the Sears store; DIS 1930. The site is now vacant, part of the Newberry/Sears parking lot. This Perez Cottage may be where Joseph and Dorothy Stephen lived when they were first married. Mrs. Stephen described it as in the back, behind the Linwood Cottage, the site and former deep front lawn now make up large, main parking lot associated with the Sears store.

Other historic properties