The new High School on Petrova, 1928 Petrova Elementary and the Middle School, 2010 1933 Canaras: "X-ray equipment is yearly brought to the high school from the Trudeau Foundation by a specialist who, with the assistance of Miss Caroline O'Brien, the health teacher, X-rays the lungs of all the students." Track meet at Petrova, 1930s (Note high jumper, mid-jump, center). This field is where the present faculty parking and bus circle is located, before the LaPan Highway was built. (Courtesy of Priscilla Christine Mackay Goss) Saranac Lake marching band at a football game (undated) 1939 Canaras: The uncoached and unprepared ski-team of 1935-36 accepted Northwood's challenge to a meet. They didn't come home with garlands on their shoulders, nor crowns on their heads, but they did come back with the resolution to organize, and to bring fame to themselves not only as individuals, but as an organization that our school could be proud of. This year their dreams came true and after hectic weeks of waiting for good skiing weather, on February 27, 1937, the ski-team, consisting of such able veterans as Dave "Tarzan" Blanchet, Ben "Shoulders" Downs, "Bill" Cantwell, Howard Thompson, and "Bill" Distin, traveled to their arch-enemies' skiing grounds and came home—victorious. — The different events have claimed their own heroes from among the team. The most outstanding were Dave for his capture of the Slalom event; Benny for his victorious flight to fame from the Placid Jump; and Cantwell for his undaunted speed down the Mt. Whitney Run. Thompson and Distin, although they claimed no first places, raised the team's standard by attaining many seconds and thirds. — As only three members are being lost by graduation, next year's team should be a fine one, for around a nucleus of the veteran skiers that remain, may be built a really first class team. Address: 141 Petrova Avenue

Old Address: Petrova Avenue

Other names:

Year built: 1925 with additions in 1937, 1970, and 1999.

Architect: William G. Distin

The Petrova School was Saranac Lake's second high school. The original Saranac Lake High School, founded in 1890, was dedicated by U.S. President Benjamin Harrison. 1

In 1925, a new school was built on Petrova Avenue at a cost of $650,000, that housed kindergarten through grade twelve. 2

In 1968 a new Saranac Lake High School was built half a mile west of the Petrova school at a cost of nearly $4,000,000; the Petrova school continued to serve grades one through eight.

The SLHS class of 1969 was the last senior class to spend the entire school year at Petrova School (Sept. 1968 to June 1969). The SLHS class of 1970 began their senior year at the Petrova School and moved to the new SLHS in November 1969.

From an undated, unidentified news clipping, probably the Enterprise, from a scrapbook kept by John G. Coogan during his school years.


Few Changes in Prospect For Next Year in Instruction Staff Here; Changes Are Made in Duties Outlined

Teachers in the Saranac Lake public schools this week have had under consideration their contracts for the school year of 1931-32 following action of the board of education recently on recommendations of the superintendent, H. V. Littell.

Signed contracts are to be returned to the board on or before April 2, at which time will be determined how extensive the changes in the school organization are to be.

One resignation, that of Miss Alice Ferriss as mathematics teacher in the high school, was received before the special meeting last Friday night at which the board took action on the recommendations.

The question of continuing to maintain a special librarian has also been raised, and this matter was placed on the table for further consideration.

Salaries provided in the new contracts include increases called for by state laws except in the cases of teachers whose salaries have reached maximum figures.

Following are those to whom contracts were offered and the salaries provided:

Eileen Benham, Sr., H. S. Principal 3000
Margaret Seymour, Jr. H. S. Principal 3000
Ruby Baker, mathematics 2000
Laurine Carpenter, math., Latin 1700
Sarah V. Carr, art 2200
Alice Creighton, writing 2000
Marjorie Curtin, latin 2200
Elizabeth deLisle, coml. 1925
Catherine Carey, homemaking 2200
Loraine Dickert, homemaking 1600
Christine Drude, music 1700
G. Antoinette Dutcher, public speaking 2200
Willard Green, inst music 2200
Mary E. Gremore, English 2200
Helen J. Ives, English, 1700
Ralph Johnson, industrial 2700
Rath Knapp, French 1800
Grace Lacey, history 2200
Charles R. Ladd, science 2800
Herman Lare, industrial 2900
Caroline O'Brian, health 2200
Lucille Rathbun, phys. edu., girls 2200
Mary H. Reed, geography 2200
Francis W. Rotsell, ind. 2300
Richard Shaver, ind. 2700
Malcolm Sterling, science 2700
Lucy Stone, arithmetic 2200
Grace Taylor, history 2200
Ednah M. Thomas, Eng. 2200
Helen Walsh, Eng. & arith. 2200
Adelaide White, coml 1700
Kenneth Wilson, physical education 3000
coach 500
Louise Wilson, Spanish & French 1975
Dr. C. H. Haskins, medical inspector 2000
Lois Wilson, dental hygientist 1800
Broadway School  
Florence Fullerton, princ, 6th grade 1850
Esther McCormick, 5th grade 1575
Catherine Navin, 4th grade 1750
Grace Helms, 3rd grade 1750
Agnes Finnegan, 2nd grade 1750
Lena Greene, 1st grade 1750
Petrova Avenue School  
Hazel Pattinson, princ, 6th grade 1850
Marguerite Fairbanks, 5th gr. 1600
Halcyon Buck, 4th grade 1750
Anna Brunet, 3rd grade 1525
Harriet Ellis, 2nd grade 1750
Ruby Stevens, 1st grade 1750
Patricia Halloran, special 1700
River Street School  
Edna Cooke, princ, 6th gr. 1850
Elise Premo, 5th grade 1525
Marjorie Reed, 4th grade 1750
Marion H. Amo, 3rd grade 1750
Lilian Ryan, 2nd grade 1150
Kathryn Starr, 1st grade 1750
Fresh Air School  
Gertrude Seymour, 2000
William Davidson, clerk of board 3500
Esther T. Mirick, secretary of supt. 1800

Petrova school dedication. Photocopy courtesy of Jim ClarkPetrova school dedication. Photocopy courtesy of Jim ClarkFrom an undated, unidentified news clipping, probably the Enterprise, from a scrapbook kept by John G. Coogan during his school years.


Through error the salary of Willard Greene, teacher of instrumental music at Saranac Lake High school was given as $2200 instead of $2700 on the list of contracts published yesterday offered teachers in the local schools for the next school year.

The name of H. V. Littell, superintendent, was omitted from the list. The school board voted his reinstatement at a salary of $5,200 per year, representing an increase of $200.

It was also announced at the school office today that at the last regular board meeting held Monday night Stanley J. Appleyard, chairman of the board, and Col. Kenneth Gardner, trustee, were made a budget committee to prepare the financial plans for the school year 1931-32.

An invitation was sent the board of trustees of the Ray Brook school district to meet with the Saranac Lake board next week Thursday discuss the question of tuition to be charged pupils attending the school here from that district.

Mr. Greene was given permission to attend a conference of instrumental music teachers held in Utica the last three days of this week.

From an unidentified news clipping, probably the Enterprise, from a scrapbook kept by John G. Coogan during his school years.

January 5, 1931


Dinner Arranged by Education Board Attended by 160 Admirers of Red and White League Champions

Saranac Lake as a community acknowledged the honor that has been brought to this village by the Saranac Lake high school football team, which this past season brought home the championship of the Adirondack Interscholastic league for the sixth successive year, when 160 representative citizens gathered at a banquet Saturday night at the Hotel Saranac given by the board of education.

Tribute to the team's prowess was paid by several speakers who lauded the players for their sportsmanship, clean playing, courage, harmonious and cooperative spirit. At the same time while praises of the boys who made up the 1930 team were being sung, one of the prominent players of the football team of the three preceding years who passed to the great beyond only a few days ago was not forgotten. The [??]er was Harris H. Ryan of Lake Clear, who died of accidental suffocation in an automobile accident on New Year's Eve.

Col. Kenneth Gardner, member of the board of education, spoke feelingly of Ryan's character and his ability in all school and other activities.

Colonel Gardner told the football team assembled before him that while victory in contests is important, the playing of a clean game was of far greater importance and should be the first thought of all in their minds.

Kenneth Wilson, coach of the six title winning teams, said he was proud of his players and was immensely pleased with the willing spirit of cooperation and harmony they showed throughout the season. He mentioned the fact that Saranac Lake high only had three veterans left from the 1929 team and how of the players who came out for the team this fall never had been in a football game before, and were willing to work and fight hard to win a place on the eleven and help their school.

The coach also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Student's association of the high school and the board of education for their effort in supplying the football team with splendid equipment, and to the townspeople for the support given all school athletics.

Dr. J. C. Russell, president of the local board of education a number of years ago, also spoke briefly and told the diners how he and his fellow members of the board in 1907 felt the need of a proper field for athletic contests and how the board in office at that time had been instrumental in getting the site where the high school now stands.

Dr. Edward N. Packard, president of the school board, acted as toastmaster and introduced the speakers. The dinner was featured by the singing of three popular songs by Joseph Asselta, tenor. He sang "Dream," "Wasn't It Nice?" and "Sa-lu-ta" accompanied at the piano by Mrs. T. J. Meury.

The high school orchestra played throughout the dinner, much to the enjoyment of the crowd, and for the dancing which followed. The military airs and other peppy numbers by the orchestra were well done, and the music also came in for some compliments at the hands of the toastmaster and the speakers. Willard Green led the musicians.

At the conclusion of the speaking the roll of the 1930 championship football team was called and as each of the 14 players who had won their letters in this sport heard his name, he stood up to receive from Colonel Gardner a miniature gold football with his name engraved upon it along with an appropriate message. This was a gift from the board of education.

The three managers of the football team, Emil Matthews, Irving Edelberg and Leonard Berwick, were also praised for their excellent work this year, and Colonel Gardner stated that the board felt they had also done their job so well that they ought to be given miniature gold footballs along with the players.

The players who received the awards were: Howard Malone, end and captain of the sixth championship team; Hayward Plumadore, tackle; Lawrence Griffin, guard; Leonard Ryan, center; Harold Middleton, guard; Theron Lobdell, tackle; Leonard Morgan, end; Edward Plummer, quarterback; Robert Dorlon, halfback; Ronald Bishop, fullback; Walter Herron halfback; Earl Minney, guard; Neil McCarthy, guard; and Bernard Murphy, end and back.

Lake Placid News, February 4, 1937

School Addition Given Approval

The six-room addition to the Saranac Lake high school was approved last week by the PWA and announced ready for occupancy. The addition was built under the direction of Moore Parland and Reinhardt, PWA engineers and with the contractors, L. F. Murtagh, Carson Brothers and William C. Shackett. A final inspection of the building was made by the engineers, contractors and Clerk Walter Noble of the board of education. The building will house the fresh air school which was formerly in River street in a small frame building. The annex is three stories high and encloses six rooms. The school district's share of the cost was $23,000 while the PWA granted $18,000 for the project.

1944 Saranac Lake High School football team. Back row: William Hall, William McGrain, Philip Hammond, Robert Pederson, Howard Harvey, George Rankin, William Mulflur, Gordon Tyler, Coach Ken Wilson. Middle row: Austin Gowan, Robert Dupree, Jack Peightal, John Fitzpatrick, Nathaniel Oddy, Raymond Cassavaugh, Richard Newell, Clyde Baker, Herbert Turner. Front row: George Garrant, Timothy Sweet, John Harrigan, Benjamin Muncil, Edward Mullen, Wayne Sweet, Francis Pelkey. 33 Petrova Avenue is in the background. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 2, 2010 Saranac Lake High School football team (undated)

The following students from Saranac Lake High School were listed in the National Directory of Honor Students in U.S. Secondary Schools, Special Section, April Returns, 1955:

1933 Graduates of Saranac Lake High School. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 22, 2013 Saranac Lake High School Class of 1933:

1934 Graduates

Saranac Lake High School Class of 1963 

Those pictured in the Enterprise on October 7, 2013, attending their 50th class reunion were:

 Jeff Cheney

Mary Muzzy (Baron)
Andrea DeMattos (Gibson) Nancy Septer (James)
Carol Donaldson (Howes) Diana Sochia (Hill)
Joseph Falvey Sally Burrell (Stephenson)
Eileen Fanning Mel Thomas
Lynn Hayes (Owre) Jeff Whisher

Richard Hoeth

Faith Williams (Loundgren)
William “Bill” Jacobs Georgia Williams (Beardsley)
Bill Jandrew  

Miles Moody


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1. Dora, Donna and Mildred Keough, eds., A Past To Remember, A Future to Mold, Saranac Lake: The Chamber. 2001
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