Location: Upper St. Regis Lake

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New York Times, July 10, 1938

...Mrs. Arthur F. Chace has Miss Alice O. Spaulding of Boston as her guest at Pine Point Lodge on the Upper St. Regis...

New York Times,  July 31, 1938


Entertain in Camp for Son and Daughter-in-Law

Special to The New York Times.PAUL SMITHS, N. Y., July 30.— Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Chace of New York gave a buffet supper tonight at their Pine Point Lodge on the Upper St. Regis Lake for their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fletcher Chace, who were married recently.

Colonel and Mrs. John S. Hammond have arrived for the remainder of the season at Pulpit Rocky their camp on the Upper St. Regis.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stillman Rockefeller are expected on Monday to occupy Camp Wyndover, the McAlpin camp on Spitfire Lake.

Mrs. George Henry Townsend of Greenwich, Conn., who opened The Rocks, the Townsend camp on the Upper St. Regis several weeks ago, will be joined there on Monday by Mr. Townsend.

Mr. and Mrs. Griffith Marks of Greenwich, Conn., recent arrivals, are occupying: the Lawrence Camp on the Upper St. Regis.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Rauch of Villanova, Pa., have opened their Lone Tree camp on Spitfire Lake.



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