Address: 55 Baker Street

Old Address: 26 Baker Street

Other names: Osborne Cottage (1912)

Year built: about 1910

Architect: possibly William G. Distin

The first floor contained a living room, dining room, kitchen, back porch, lavatory, and cure porch. The second floor had one porch room and bath with three windows and two closets which rented for $40 for one person or $55 for two people. Smaller rooms were avail able on the second floor for less money. The third floor was reserved for the Pomeroy family.

The entrance is through an enclosed, fully-glazed porch, and there is a cure porch. A second, ten by fifteen foot cure porch is on the second floor. It was listed in the Saranac Lake Association of Private Sanatoria, c. 1935, as having space for five ambulatory patients; rates ranged from $18 to $32.

Residents included Charles W. Cook in 1910-11, and Edna Rochelle, in 1921. It is not known whether any of the residents were tubercular.

In the 1930s and 40s, the house was owned by pharmacist Myron J. Pomeroy and his wife, who ran it as a boarding house, registered as a private sanatorium. The Pomeroys lived on the third floor.

From about 1948 through 1950, it was the home of dentist Dr. Edward F. Mulflur.

In the 1950s, the house was owned by Dr. Bradley Sageman, and in 1966, it became the home of the Dr. Lawrence J. Early family.

Kathy Bristol Bailey wrote

In the fifties this was Dr. Bradley Sageman's house. It was and still is a beautiful home. There is a little playhouse out back on the left of the building. We called it "SANTAS" village. Oh my what fun we had in this neighborhood... There were many large families and we all had something to do! We made our own "bobsled run" down the backside of Mt. Pisgah behind the James Clark Home to the left of this home. Baseball, whiffle ball, basketball, hide and seek, Masse, red rover, climbed apple trees rode bikes,traded baseball cards went to the William Morris Park daily (milk and cookies ..and chocolate milk with two cookies on Fridays), The River Street Beach, baking brownies and chocolate chip cookies, even took a drive in my parents car and drove all through the Trudeau San (now the AMA), and so much more. Lots of Fun..Fun..Fun. And when you stop and think how many "kids" were on Baker Street and Park Avenue 40+ years ago, NO one got in trouble!!! Ah those were the days...Could write forever


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