1932 Canaras: Elbert Bellows; "Treb"; 45 Riverside Drive, Council (3, 4); Canaras (2); Circulation Manager (3); Business .Manager (4); Red and White (2); Circulation Manager (3); Business Manager (4); Boomerang (3); Varsity Club (4); Fire Squad (3, 4); Football Manager (4); Glee Club (2, 3); Sailor Maids (3); Stevenson Essay Prize (1); Speaking Contest, (4); Manager Interclass Baseball (1, 2); Business Manager, Our Book (1); Varsity Club Dance Committee (4); Class Dance Committees (3, 4). R. Eugene Woodruff House Address: 104 Kiwassa Road

Old Address: 45 Riverside Drive

Other names: Salzgerber Cottage (1913), Bellows Residence (1928); DIS, Kannary Cottage (1916); Bisbee Cottage (1943)

Year built: c. 1905

Other information: It was built by R. Eugene Woodruff.

According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Kannary Cottage, run by Mrs. Daniel Kannary, had room for six patients, and charged $10-15 per week.

It was the home of the Elbert E. Bellows family in 1932.

An article titles "Cottage Calls," about patients in the Bisbee Cottage at 45 Riverside Drive, appeared in The Guild News in June 1943.

James W. Bellows and Elbert G. BellowsIt was the home of Maurice A. Vosburgh in 1945.

It was the home of New York Central stationmaster Tom Kyle from 1967 until his death in 1981.

Elisabeth M. Bellows, 1927 Canaras


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