Rainbow Lake Post Office (undated)
Courtesy of  Wayne Tucker via Tim Meyers
Rainbow Lake Post Office, 2012. Courtesy of Mary Hotaling The Rainbow Lake Post Office, which is said to have been in business for 120 years, is in danger of closure in 2011. It is one of 3,700 post offices on the United States Postal Service's list for possible closure. The nearest post office is Gabriels Post Office, about three miles away.


Name Title Date Appointed
(originally established as RAINBOW)
James M. Wardner Postmaster 7/8/1884
Lucius R. Morris Postmaster 1/29/1903
James L. Brown Postmaster 3/26/1904
changed to RAINBOW LAKE on February 4, 1905
Fred C. Toof Postmaster 2/4/1905
Frank R. Van Norton Postmaster 10/27/1915
Louise M. Keese Postmaster 6/20/1916
Frank F. Coach Postmaster 11/16/1920
Jennie E. Rochester Postmaster 1/14/1922
Arthur J. Higgins Acting Postmaster 1/1/1924
Arthur J. Higgins Postmaster 3/14/1924
Mrs. Mary A. Higgins Acting Postmaster 8/31/1952
Mrs. Mary A. Higgins Postmaster 4/17/1953
Mrs. Florence B. Patnode Acting Postmaster 9/30/1960
Francis R. Hogan Acting Postmaster 8/5/1961
Francis R. Hogan Postmaster 10/16/1963
Catherine A. Sammon Officer-In-Charge 9/30/2008
Anthony P. Degregorio Postmaster 8/29/2009
Marianne Acquavella Officer-In-Charge 3/5/2012
Converted to a Remotely Managed Post Office under the
direction of the postmaster of the Saranac Lake Post Office
on May 4, 2013.


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