Rainbow Lake School, built in 1913, served as a school for grades one through six until the 1940s. It was sold in 1952. 1

Geraldine Collins wrote of this school in The Brighton Story (p.72): "The Rainbow children attended classes in one of the Wardner farm buildings for a while in a sort of branch school that was considered a part of Gabriels. Also some of the time they were transported to Gabriels by wagon or sleigh. Later a small one-room building was built about a mile beyond Wardner's on the road to Gabriels on the right hand side." (See photo midway between pp. 54 and 55)

Additions have been made to the building and it is currently a private home.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, October 13, 1945

Sentiment is strong on the part of taxpayers and voters of District 4, town of Brighton, against the move of the state education department in closing the Rainbow Lake school. The move invoked the Ives law, which may be called upon when another nearby school is able to accommodate the few pupils registered in an area.



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