Married: Amelia R. Burleigh


Raymond Burleigh operated the Economy Market on Broadway with his wife. They lived at 47 Baker Street in 1948 and '50.

He was a World War II veteran, stationed in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, with the U. S. Navy.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, reprinted November 12, 2016

You Know What...?

by Howard Riley

Two and a half years after they left Saranac Lake for service with the Marines, two Saranac Lake men, veterans of the battles of Guadalcanal and New Britain have returned for a well-deserved leave and rest.

Staff Sergeant Raymond W. Burleigh and Cpl. George Ziggs, who were among the first Marines to land on Guadalcanal and in subsequent bloody battles free the island from the Jap invaders, are now visiting in Saranac Lake.

Both men wear on their uniforms the Presidential citation ribbon with blue star; the Southwest Pacific ribbon with four stars, denoting four engagements and the American Defense ribbon. The ribbons denote medals awarded them for their heroic actions in defense of their country.

Members of the 1st Marine Division whose fame has become history in this country, the marines were two of four local men to take part in these battles in this division. The other two are PFC. Philip Arlan and PFC. Charles VanNortwick who are expected to arrive here in the near future.

Sgt. Burleigh and Cpl. Ziggs have the distinction, a rare event in the Marines, of having enlisted on the same day, trained at the same places, sailed for overseas duty on the same ship and returned on the same ship together as well as having fought through the same battles.