Norwegian Sailors

Born: c. 1922

Richard Lykling was one of two Norwegian merchant seamen curing in the McCabe Cottage in September, 1943, when he was interviewed for a column named "Cottage Calls" in The Guild News. "Richard Lykling is also from Norway, and was also a seaman. His boat was a ten-thousand ton cargo ship. However, it was while he was in New York City--between trips--that he was taken sick. Unlike his friend, [Trygve] Knudsen, he doesn't think he will be in a hurry to get back to Norway, because he says he likes this country pretty well and would like to see some more of it. With this in mind, he is also studying English in the same class with his friend. H e likes to listen to the commentators, and light classical music on the radio.

"Discussing the movies in Norway with both these fellows, it was interesting to learn that Greta Garbo, who is Swedish, is more popular than Sonja Henie, who is a native. Also that the most popular American movie actress is Bette Davis-- and not Betty Grable, as we had hoped."