Born: March 8, 1907

Died: 1988

Married: Lataine Brooks (deceased), Winifred C. Doscher

Children: Robert L. Yeager, III, Brooks B. Yeager, John D. Yeager, Fabian W. Yeager

Dr. Robert L. Yeager first came to Saranac Lake as a TB patient, curing at Trudeau Sanatorium where he became friends with Ed Worthington. He later became the assistant resident physician at Trudeau Sanatorium from 1935 to 1942, when he left to take a position with the Rockland County Sanatorium.

Dr. Yeager was born and raised in Mineral Wells, Texas, where his father practiced medicine. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and contracted tuberculosis while serving as an internist in Philadelphia. He cured at the Trudeau Sanatorium, and developed a life-long love of the Adirondacks while there. When he left in 1942 to become the Director of the Summit Park Sanatorium in Rockland County, he joined a fellow Trudeau alumnus, Dr. Bert Munroe, of Montreal, Canada, who had recently become the Sanatorium's senior physician. The two worked together for over 30 years, until Dr. Munroe's retirement. Dr. Yeager then directed the transition of the sanatorium to become a major health center for Rockland County, which now bears his name.