Lane Cottage, in Rockledge Peyton Clark Cottage, Rockledge In 1909, George V.W. Duryee, Walter Cluett, and Eddy Whitby organized the Rockledge Company to build Saranac Lake's second exclusive subdivision after Highland Park, Rockledge Park. Walter Cluett had been instrumental in hiring the Olmsted Brothers firm to prepare the village improvement plan, and the same firm was retained the following year to lay out a subdivision plan. Located on 73 acres of Colonel Milote Baker's farm, Rockledge included almost all the land between East Pine Street and the Saranac River, in addition to a quarter of Moody Pond. It was laid out in fifty lots ranging from a third of an acre to three acres in size. Physically separated from the village center by Helen Hill, the area seemed remote and was slow to develop. Only six houses had been built on Rockledge Road by World War II.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, November 20, 1963

Casier and Wertz Buy Rockledge Co.

Sale of the Rockledge Co. by Mrs. Pauline Newton and her son, Anthony Newton, to Frank Casier of 135 Park Avenue, Saranac Lake, and Emerson Wertz, of Upper Saranac Lake and Miami, Fla. has been announced. The Newtons have long been residents of Rockledge Road in Saranac Lake.

The Rockledge Co. was formed in 1910 and subdivided considerable acreage fronting on Moody Pond and the Saranac River. Five homes were built in the area and then the owners chose to keep Rockledge Road in its natural wooded condition.

It now will be opened up for sale for high-type residences. Rockledge Park lies just outside of the village corporation but village water and sewer have been extended to accommodate the area.

The sale was made by Jack Valdez of the Thomas P. Ward, Inc. real estate office, this week.


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