Roosevelt D. Todd Cottage, 2009 Roosevelt D. Todd Cottage, 1984 Address: 382 Park Avenue

Old Address: 157 Park Avenue

Other names: Cluett Cottage (1912), Palmer Cottage (1928)

Year built: 1906-7; additions 1924-46

Architect: William L. Coulter

Other information: An Arts and Crafts-style house in the Highland Park Historic District.

From Mary Hotaling, files.

The Roosevelt D. Todd house, designed by Coulter & Westhoff, sits on a lot purchased from the Aldriches, who owned the four-square house next door. Todd's sons, Wally and Stanley, were friends of Coulter's boys and the families were neighbors on Helen Hill before the Todds' new house was built. Two contracts were written, the first with Branch & Callanan on July 21, 1906; it specified "the Contractors to use spruce stock for framing, which has been sawed this year. Foundation walls to be built of concrete." The second contract, three weeks later, was with Walton & Tousley for plumbing.

New York Times, June 10, 1943

 Roosevelt D. Todd


 Roosevelt D. Todd, a cousin of the late President Theodore Roosevelt, died Monday at a sanatorium in Park Ridge near here. His age was 78. He was one of the owners of the Todd Salt Company of New York. Surviving are two sons, W. W. Todd of Ridgewood and Stanley Allen Todd of Dover, and two daughters, Miss Edith Roosevelt Todd of Ridgewood and Mrs. Theodora Todd Grubb of Detroit.

Excerpted from a piece by Phil Gallos in the Adirondack Enterprise, November 18, 1982. See Hall Cottage.

The Palmers were very rich and not a little eccentric. Also, one of their two sons, Carl, was very ill with tuberculosis. They bought a mansion at 135 Park Avenue so that they could all live in Saranac Lake while Carl took the cure.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 3, 1936

Friends Fete C. M. Palmer On Eightieth Birthday With Party This Evening

C. M. Palmer, an outstanding figure in the newspaper brokerage business, was feted today on his eightieth birthday.

With him on this happy anniversary are his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Palmer, who reside here; [and] his son, Dean Palmer, who is a junior member of his firm.

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