Born: c. 1861

Died: 1950

Married: possibly Anthony Bruzza

Children: Rose B. Urgo

Rose Bruzza owned the Linwood Cottage.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 23, 2007

From Howard Riley's column on the Linwood Cottage, based on a history of the Linwood in the Adirondack Research Room:

Rose Bruzza, mother-in-law of Patsy Urgo, bought the [Linwood] in 1920 and ran it for 30 years as a rooming and boarding house. Mr. Urgo has this quote in the library story: "Christy Mathewson wore out many checker boards there, playing with a world champion checker and chess player, Sandy McRay, who stayed at the Linwood. Jack Dempsey was often a guest of the Mathewsons." [...]

When Rose Bruzza died in 1950, she left the property to her daughter Rose B. Urgo, wife of Pascal, and as the property was running at a steady loss, the Urgos decided to tear it down.

Malone Farmer, October 10[?], 1921

Saranac Lake is to have two new three-story blocks in the business section of Main street next season which will add five stores and a number of offices and living apartments to that section of the village. John S. Ridenour, publisher of the Adirondack Enterprise, will build one of the blocks with a front extending from the Tobin market to Goldsmith's store. Work on it will be started at once and carried on through the winter. Mrs. Rose Bruzza will build the other on the opposite side of the street in the spring.

From the Jack Block

William Jack died in 1918, and in August of that year, his widow Cora B. Jack, sold the building to Rose Bruzza for $12,500 — Hay and Gray having refused their option on the property.

The Bruzzas had become rather wealthy as a result of the success of the Bruzza Confectionery in the Roberts Block, and they began to acquire a number of valuable properties. Aside from the Jack Block, they also bought the Fowler Post Office Block at 69 Main St. and the Linwood Cottage at approximately 55 Main Street. The Linwood was the best known cure cottage at that time, at least in the downtown area, and it was renowned for its food.

Interestingly, Rose Bruzza’s grandson was named Pascal Linwood Urgo.

Rose, or Mamma Bruzza, as some called her, died in 1950, and the Jack Block passed to her daughter, Rose B. Urgo.