Chiefly known for: The Reverend Roy Chamberlain was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Saranac Lake starting in 1915. He was described as "a young man of exceptional vigor and strength, interested in athletics and in a radical application of the Gospel to life, became the pastor. He was very popular with the young people, among whom he did splendid work. [...] He was minister during the trying days of the war and suffered intensely because of his Pacifistic attitude which he believed to be the only Christian one. In 1918, however, he went as a chaplain to France. For a year or more after he returned he was broken in health but fully recovered....His sincerity, courage and Christian attitude are appreciated much more now by the people of the church than during the days of war fever."

He later referred to his early experiences with the church as follows: "May I express once more my gratitude for your patience and indulgence with a raw, untried youngster whom you called to minister to your Church in July, 1915. A fresh graduate from a theological school has to learn somewhere but his first years of "practice" are often hard on his people. Good intentions and unbounded enthusiasm are no substitute for the wisdom and growing spirituality which only experience can bring. It was with you and from you that I began to know what a life with our Master might mean."