Born: February 19, 1910

Died: December 15, 1998

Ruth E. O'Connell was a businesswoman in Saranac Lake, probably working for her family company, J. J. O'Connell. She was named chair of the legislative committee of the Adirondack Business and Professional Women in 1941. She was elected President in 1946; she was Past President of the Adirondack Business and Professional Women at the time of their 40th anniversary. She also served as treasurer of the Village Improvement Society. In 1981 she was involved with the settlement of an estate. She is buried in St. Bernard's Cemetery.

Lake Placid News, October 22, 1943


Talk Of Women's Tasks In Post-War World

"Women in the Post-War World" was the title of the address given by Miss Kathryn Starbuck, professor of international Law at Skidmore College, and executive secretary of the board of Vassar College, at the meeting of the BPW's at Saratoga.

Miss Starbuck said in part "Women in industry and the professions must be considered an integral part of the post-war picture. Many will want to remain in industry; many will have to for economic reasons. In a democracy you cannot tell one group of people to give way for another." "The post-war world," Miss Starbuck said, "is closer than we think, and planning must be done now, or we will find ourselves with a peace that is little better than war…

Miss Ruth O'Connell, of the Adirondack Club said that prominent citizens had hailed the theme of National Business Women's Week, "Living on the Home Front" as timely. She pointed out the great part women are taking in the production of war materials, in managing their homes under rationing and in upholding educational standards. Miss O'Connell pointed out that much greater efforts must be made before the war was won, and said that National Business Women's Week should inspire women to do their utmost…

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 11, 1984

Members of the rescue squad took Ruth O'Connell from 28 Dorsey Street to the General Hospital of Saranac Lake at 1:42 p.m. yesterday.