Born: c. 1882

Died: June 12, 1966

Married: Aaron Samuel Weinstock

Children: Mrs. Anna Towle, Mrs. Dolly Fink, Mrs. Ida Haar, Mrs. Harriet Samuels, Mrs. Pat Samuels, Mrs. Eva Federman, Mrs. Bess Cohen,

Sarah Weinstock and her husband owned the Save-U-Market at 125 River Street. She was the aunt of Anna Zak.

Sarah was the sister of Anna Zak's mother. Anna came to Saranac Lake to live with Sarah and her seven daughters. All of the seven daughters went to college. The second eldest, Ida Haar was a school teacher in Saranac Lake. She and her husband Maks Haar lived at 89 Riverside Drive and rented the Bartok Cabin to Béla Bartók. One of the daughters, Eva Weinstock was the mother of Jay Federman.

The Weinstock household was lively: some kind of family quarrel frequently underway. Mostly Yiddish was spoken.

Lionel Arlan remembers Sarah as a kind woman who was "very opinionated when it came to her daughters."

Aaron died of a brain tumor in 1926, leaving Sarah to run the store and raise all her daughters alone.

Sarah closed the store in 1933 and filed for bankruptcy.

She left Saranac Lake about 1950, spending the next fifteen years living with each of her daughters in turn, for up to six months at a time.

Source: Adirondack Life, January/February 2012, "The Seven Sisters" by Adam Federman, pp. 54-57

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 19, 1957

A reunion will be held in Philadelphia, Pa., for Mrs. Sara Weinstock and her seven daughters and thirteen grandchildren, on June 22. Two of the daughters, Mrs. Anna Towle and Mrs. Dolly Fink were in the grocery business with Mrs. Weinstock in Saranac Lake at 129 River Street thirty years ago. Mrs. Ida Haar taught at the River Street School for many years. Mrs. Harriet Samuels held her first teaching position at Harrietstown where she taught eight grades. Mrs. Pat Samuels is a commercial artist and free lances for Speigels and Aldens mail order houses. Mrs. Joe Fetterman is a graduate of Mt. Sinai Hospital in Philadelphia. Mrs. Bess Cohen was an employee of The Enterprise about ten years ago. All of Mrs. Weinstock's children were born and educated in Saranac Lake.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 29, 1966

Mrs. S. Weinstock

Mrs. Sara Cosby Weinstock, a resident of Saranac Lake from 1810 to 1960, died June 12, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Eva Federman of Philadelphia, Pa. Burial took place in Philadelphia. Mrs. Weinstock and her husband, the late Aaron Weinstock, conducted a grocery business in Saranac Lake which she continued to run after Mr. Weinstock's death.

In addition to Mrs. Federman, she is survived by six other daughters, Mrs. Anna Towle, of Burlington, Vt.; Mrs. Ida Haar, of Spring Valley, Mrs. Rebecca Fink of Sun Valley. Calif., Mrs. Harriett Samuels of North Hollywood, Calif, Mrs. Patri Samuels, of New York City, and Mrs. Bess Cohen of Essex Junction, Vt. Twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren also survive.