The Saranac Lake Art League was formed in 1933. Early members included John Smith, Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. Les Carr, and artists, Anthony DiBona, Amy Jones, Harry Brown and Ray Ridabock.

It held annual exhibits for several years, that initially featured the work of local artists. In time, nationally known artists contributed their works, including George Grosz, William Cropper, Alexander James, George Saddle and John Taylor Arms. But the cost of insurance on the exhibits and other economic issues made, combined with the departure of a number of people from the Village led to the end of the exhibits and a loss of membership in the league. It slowly faded away, especially following the death of Anthony di Bona in 1950.

Finally in 1953, the League's remaining funds, $859, were turned over to the Saranac Lake Free Library as a fund for the annual purchase of art books.

The list of works below is from a brochure describing "An Exhibition of Water Colors, Oils and Black & Whites by members of the Saranac Lake Art League and the Saranac Lake Study and Craft Guild." It was held November 9-21, but the year was not given.

1. Skiers Harry Brown $10.00
2. Skiers Harry Brown 10.00
3. Kiwassa Lake Neilson Knox 10.00
4. Wolfe Pond Neilson Knox 5.00
5. Her Bovine Majesty Amy Jones 40.00
6. Clearing Bertha DeY. Silver 18.00
7. Stevenson Memorial Cottage Harry Brown 30.00
8. Edge of The Town Harry Brown 25.00
9. First Furrows Amy Jones 40.00
10. Saranac River and Mt. Baker Neilson Knox 9.00
11. Old Houses Neilson Knox 7.50
12. Birches and Snow Harry Brown 10.00
13. Building a Mine Sweeper at Essex Neilson Knox 7.50
30. Norman's Farm Grace Frederiksen 10.00
31. Late Afternoon Mary Larom 35.00
32. Even The Least of These Grace Frederiksen 10.00
33. Autumn Grace Frederiksen 10.00
35. Barnyard William G. Distin 75.00
38. Passing Storm William G. Distin 75.00
39. Trees William G. Distin
40. Blue and Gold Bertha DeY. Silver 15.00
41. Lower Saranac Lake from Old Algonquin Neilson Knox 10.00
42. Mt. Kenzie Range from Smith Road Neilson Knox 5.00
43. Landscape William G. Distin
46. Sarasota Bay Bertha DeY. Silver 25.00
14. Saranac River Ray Ridabock 10.00
15. Nude Pauline Newton
16. Cherokee Leona Berger
17. Sunshine & Shadow Bertha DeY. Silver 20.00
18. Unfinished Portrait Leona Berger
19. Pinks Grace Frederiksen 35.00
20. A Fanner and His Cats Amy Jones 50.00
21. Fortunes Horses Amy Jones 75.00
22. Portrait Mary Larom 100.00
23. Blue Ridge Bertha DeY. Silver 25.00
24. Still Life Ray Ridabock 10.00
25. Over The River Helen Clegg 10.00
26. Winter Afternoon Harry Brown 40.00
27. After the Rain Helen Clegg 10.00
28. Gray Day Helen Clegg 5.00
29. Saranac Valley Harry Brown 30.00
34. Happy Hilda Finn
36. Autumn Afternoon Helen Clegg 5.00
37. Before Dawn Helen Clegg 5.00
44. Boathouse Edward Worthington
45. Black and Whites William G. Distin

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