Probably on Decoration Day c. 1910, the men of the Saranac Lake Band posed at Pine Ridge Cemetery, in uniform jackets decorated with braid, for a photo by Kollecker & Co. In 1980, George Ford Towner identified his father and some other members of the band. Seated at left: Nelson Trombley (bass tuba). First row, from left: Roy Lobdell (snare drum); Earl Lobdell (bass drum); 2 others unknown. Second row (L to R): Phillip L. Steneri (baritone), 4 others unknown. Third row (L to R): Archie Nimmo (leader and No. 1 cornet). Pop Duso (cornet), H. Ford Towner (trombone), one other unknown. In 1970 Towner also wrote that several of these men from the Saranac Lake Business Men's Band, which he said had been in existence for many years, taught members of the Saranac Lake Boys' Band. Nimmo taught the trumpets, Towner the trombones, the Lobdell brothers the drums, and Mr. Trombley the basses. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 28, 2011 The Saranac Lake Band existed from at least 1892 to 1940. It was directed for part of that time by by H. Ford Towner.

Malone Palladium, November 1, 1900

We notice the Malone PALLADIUM did not mention that a large number of citizens from Harrietstown and other southern towns accompanied the Saranac Lake band to Malone on Friday last. Of course, there are but few of us here, but when we do make an attempt to show our patriotism we like to be noticed. We seldom make much noise, but we are always doing something.—Saranac Lake Enterprise. This was a grave oversight, neighbor, and we hasten to apologize. Saranac Lake and the other south towns are alive with good Republicans this year. And they will be heard from on election day. The next time you visit Malone, neighbor, we will see that your name gets "into print."

Lake Placid News, February 2, 1940


R. L. Hoy of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Summer School of Music at Chateaugay, has consented to direct the Saranac Lake municipal band.

The first rehearsal with Mr. Hoy directing was held Tuesday.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 5, 1948


Program plans and schedules for the Saranac Lake Municipal band were formulated last night at a meeting of the organization held in the Harrietstown town hall.

Members voted to resume rehearsals next Monday night. Through cooperation of school authorities practice sessions will be held in the auditorium of the Saranac Lake High school.

Plans were formulated for a winter concert during the Xmas holidays and a concert and dance at a later date. Approval was given to the purchase of uniforms which will consist of neutral trousers, maroon shirts and yellow ties.

Persons interested in joining the band are invited to attend rehearsals.. They may contact Vernon Wamsganz, John Delancett or Carlton Kilroy.

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