The Saranac Lake Driving Association sponsored harness racing in Saranac Lake in the late 1800s, on ice in the winter and at the St. Armand racetrack on Bloomingdale Road in other seasons. Charles Neubauer served as president in 1926.

Franklin Gazette, May 11, 1888

Articles of incorporation were filed on Friday last, in the Secretary of State's office at Albany, by the Saranac Lake Fair Ground and Driving Park Associatlon; capital $5,000. The object of this association is to hold fairs, agricultural and horticultural exhibitions and trials of horses at Saranac Lake. The directors are: W. J. Ehrich, C. H. Kendall, A. Goldsmith, F. M. Bull, R. E. Woodruff, W. Benham, M. B. Miller, A. S. Wright, I. Vosburgh, R. A. Morhous, N. Staus, ([sic], probably Nathan Straus) S. E. Miles.

Malone Farmer, January 13, 1893

The Gentlemen's Driving and Trotting Association, of Saranac Lake, held their annual meeting last week and elected the following officers: President, W. A. Dennison; vice-presidents, Wallace Murray, W. G. Young; secretary and treasurer, C. L. Sherrill. The association will hold a meeting early next month, when a fine programme of races will be trotted, the ice of the lake furnishing an excellent course Many from this town will attend.

Malone Gazette, January 27, 1893

The Saranac Lake driving club have decided upon Feb. 7th, 8th and 9th as the dates for the trotting races under the club's management. Purses aggregating $550 are offered, the largest purse in any one race being $150. This will bring many fast horses to the wire and the sport will be first-class. Malone horsemen can leave by the A & St. L. line in the morning, see the races and return the same day, an arrangement which will result in a large number going.

Essex County Republican, January 11, 1894


Three Big Ice Trotting Meets — Saranac Lake — Lake Champlaln — Lake George.

SARANAC LAKE, JAN. 16, 17 and 18.

Next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, January 16, 17 and 18, Saranac Lake will have a series of ice races, which will be contested by some of the best horses in this section.

The meet will be held under the auspices of the Gentlemen's Driving and Trotting Association, who offer $600 in purses.

W. A Dennison of the Berkeley House is president of the association, Wallace Murray vice-president and C. L. Sherrill, formerly of Crown Point, secretary.

A first-class track has been laid out and an interesting horse trot is anticipated.

Following is the program:

First Day – 2.40 class, purse $100; 3.27 Class (open to pacers and trotters), purse $125.

Second Day—Town race, purse $50 (open to horses owned in the town for the past sixty days, without a record and that have never trotted for money); 2.30 class, purse $100. Third Day—2.50 class, purse $100; free-for-all, purse $125.


All purses to be divided fifty, thirty and twenty per cent.

Entrance fee, ten per cent of purse, to be paid at time of entry.

All entries to be made to the Secretary before 9 P. M. January 15. No entries received after that hour.

All races to be mile heats, best three in five. National rules to govern. Distance barred.

Four to enter and three to start. Races called each day at 1.30 P. M.

The association reserves the right to postpone the above races should condition of ice make it necessary…

Essex County Republican, September 24, 1896

The Saranac Lake Driving association's second meeting will be held Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 inclusive. All races will be mile heats, best three in five.

Malone Gazette, January 8, 1897

The Saranac Lake Driving Association have decided to add another day to their race meeting, which will be Friday, January 22d. The additional races will be for 2:35 class, purse $175, and free-for-all, purse $200.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 13, 1928.

Four Day Race Meet At Saranac Lake

Two of the largest purses ever given for ice racing in Northern New York are being given by the Saranac Lake Driving Club for the 1928 four day meet which opens in Saranac Lake, January 31. Purse for this meet will aggregate $2250. The program for the four days event is as follows:

Tuesday, January 31st

2:10 Trot and Face—Saranac Lake Village—Purse $500.

2:20 Trot and Pace—J. A. Fortune— Purse $250.

Wednesday, February 1st,

2:30 Trot and Pace—Thomas P. Ward Insurance Agency—Purse $200.

Name Race—Taxi 403 and 95 — McFarland and Maple—Purse $150.

Thursday, February 2nd

2:34 Trot and Pace—Boyce & Roberson—Purse $200.

2:17 Trot and Pace—Kendall Lumber Company—Purse $250.

Friday, February 3rd

2:28 Trot and Pace—Saranac Buick Co., E. J. McGrath, Mgr.—Purse $200.

Free-for-all—Hotel Saranac, Leon Hatch, Mgr.—Purse $500.

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