This unusual photograph of Saranac Lake in about 1895 appears to have been taken from Mount Pisgah looking south toward Lake Flower. Broadway is hidden by buildings, but it runs just to the right of the old A. Fortune & Company (16) building left up to Berkeley square to the right of the Berkeley Hotel (which looks very odd from this angle).

Saranac Lake, c. 1895 from Mt. Pisgah, courtesy of Natalie Leduc. (Click to enlarge)

1 Harrietstown Town Hall 10 The rebuilt Edward Livingston Trudeau house and office
2 Riverside Inn 11 Saranac Laboratory
3 Spaulding Block 12 St. Luke's Church
4 Linwood Cottage 13 Ensine Miller's Sunnyside
5 Mrs. Lucius Evans Cottage 14 Grand Union Hotel
6 Berkeley House 15 Charles M. Lea House
7 Saranac Lake High School 16 A. Fortune & Company
8 The original First United Methodist Church 17 Villa Dorsey (far right, to the right of the footbridge)
9 The original St. Bernard's Church 18 Branch and Callanan