Seven Gables AntiquesAddress: Northeast Corner of County Route 30 and Mud Pond Road, Onchiota

Other names: Seven Gables Service Station, Seven Gables Grocery, Camper's Pantry, Seven Gables Antiques

Year built: 1927

Seven Gables was originally built as a gas station in 1927 by Hayden Tormey, Sr. and his son, Bing, then a high school student. Behind the garage door in the picture, beneath a new false floor, the mechanic's pit is proof of the building's original purpose.

Seven Gables Service Station
Over Night Cabins
Free Camp Grounds
Lake Shore Lots
Courtesy of Phil Fitzpatrick
Across the intersection and across the street from the general store, the Tormey's had several, perhaps 4 or 5, small rental cottages. Two of those burned down and the others were demolished to make room for a modern residence.

It has been owned by Audrey Miller since 2003.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 31, 1981


Notice is hereby given that beer license number A-65372 has been issued to the undersigned to sell beer at retail under the Alcoholic Beverage Control law at N.E. Corner County Route 30 & Mud Pond Road, Onchiota, N.Y. 12968, Franklin County for off premises consumption.

Eunice Tormey
Onchiota, N.Y. 12968
(Seven Gables Grocery)
Pub.: July 24, 31, 1981

Seven Gables Grocery, undated
The sign reads:
Store of 3 wonders
You wonder if we have it
We wonder where it is
You wonder how the hell we found it
Courtesy of Phil Fitzpatrick

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