Shackett Cottage, center; Riverside Inn, lower left; St. Bernard's Church, above, with Helen Street climbing to the right. c. 1909. For the full photograph, see Saranac Lake Village, c. 1909, second photograph, center right.

Address: 23 River Street

Old Address: 12 River Street

Other names: Leonard & Co. (1895), Lake Flour Bakery (1995 -)

Year built: before 1895

Other information: This building was the site of Leonard's in 1895. From 1899 to at least 1933 it was used as a residence. It later became a service station, and then the Lake Flour Bakery in 1995.

Other historic properties


2010-11-15 09:07:11   The Vosburgh House (with tower) in left front of St. Bernard's Church was where the "new" building formerly housing the NYS employment office is now. —MaryHotaling