The Smith Homestead on Trudeau Road. Photograph courtesy of James H. Richards, 2012

Address: Trudeau Road

Old Address: Trudeau Road

Other names:

Year built: 1838

Other information: Reverend Samuel Smith's 1838 farmhouse was the right side section until 1906 when his son, Robert S. Smith, hired the architect George Schrader and Branch and Callanan Construction Company to reconstruct the house. Robert’s son Fred Smith oversaw the construction crew for the rebuild.

The original house, encapsulated into the structure, was built using the post and beam method, with the walls laid up with solid horizontal planks. The original house had four rooms downstairs and four bedrooms upstairs.

In 1925 Robert E. and Lillian Smith operated a TB cure cottage in the new section.

The house remained in the Smith family until 1981 when it was purchased by the present 2012 owners, Thomas and Marlene Hyde.

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The Hyde family are also related to Roy and Barbara Stevens, along with their daughter Heather Moon.