Born: 1813 in Keene, New York, a son of Jacob S. Moody and Sally B. Moody, the first settlers of Saranac Lake.

Died: March 22, 1890

Married: Jane Avery, daughter of Simeon Avery of Averyville, [apparently born] in 1819.

Children: Almeda Jane, sometimes called Armelia, Armedieor Armedia Moody; Benjamin R., born 1843; Sarah A. Moody, known as Sally; Hiram, called "Tidd" or Ted, born 1856; and James W., born 1860.

Jacob Smith B. Moody was a son of Jacob Smith Moody; he was known as Smith Moody. His father bought 160 acres in North Elba, and later sold 50 acres to his son Harvey Moody. The remaining 110 acres, containing a small part of Lake Flower, was lost through indebtedness to the heirs of Newell Reynolds in 1841; it sold at auction to Phineas Norton for $71.38; Norton sold the land to Jacob's son Smith Moody in 1843 for $110.

In 1863, he sold fifty acres south of Harvey’s fifty acres to his brother, Martin M. Moody, for $100. In 1868, he deeded the remaining sixty acres of Lot 12 to his son, Benjamin R. Moody.

Source: Mary MacKenzie, The Plains of Abraham: A History of North Elba & Lake Placid, Lee Manchester, ed., Utica, NY: Nicholas K. Burn Publishing, 2007, pp. 84 - 94. Full text here