Snowshoe Racing is a traditional part of the Winter Carnival.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 29, 1963

Snowshoers Cast Aspersions On "Talent" Not Registered

Boondock Greats in Mothballs Fail to Sign For Gold and Glory

The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Snow-shoe Race may shape up as a grudge match yet. Ill winds have been blowing from several directions. The current list of competitors and champions has given rise to loud comments about the fabled proficiency of old and established concerns.

The white light district of Saranac Lake yesterday was asking such questions as "Where are the great snowshoers from places like The Shamrock, Bloomingdale's Brookside Hotel, Dukette and Symonds at Gabriels?"

Racers already registered are feeling pretty smug. They have heard of the great names of snowshoeing but they don't appear on the list. Perhaps the greatest of all modern snowshoe exponents is not listed. Jim Lord of Lake Placid is a "shoe-in" a lot of folks figure. Without him on the starting line, these may have a chance.

Scoffers have hurled veiled epithets in all directions. There have rumors of Paul Smith's College students dashing up and down the flat traces along the shore of St. Regis Lake.

Still the entry list boasts only a paltry 20 sponsors and 15 competitors. Otis Transfer of Lake Placid heard the rumors. They immediately put in an entry. Out-of-towners are looking to the race as an easy shot at $100. They are absolutely correct. The race is wide open.

In Tupper Lake a famed-Huror. Indian is entering. His name is Slewfoot Sioui (pronounced See Wee). He will represent Bobs Grill. He makes his own snowshoes. He is considered the dark horse entry so far!

The Little Brown Jug trophy has mushroomed into four distinct trophies and they aren't empty. Four trophies of the Platte Valley Corn Whiskey Distillers will be offered for prizes. The gesture was offered by Tuffield LaTour on behalf of the company he represents, the McCormick Distilling Co.

The snowshoe race is a forerunner of an international event to be run next year. It is expected to draw up to 300 competitors from all parts of the U.S. and Canada. The snowshoe race committee is attempting to gauge the interest of a local competition.

There are several sponsors needing a champion. The entry fee is $10, all of which will go into a round robin breakdown of purses. The winner to be assured of a prize of $100.

Other prizes are in the offing: snowshoes, trophies and sports equipment. It is the most wide open event of the present carnival schedule. Anyone wishing to come forth with a prize will be given ample publicity for his unselfish gesture.

Snowshoe Race Lineup

Sponsors Runners
E. John's Lounge Hugh McLaughlin
Rainbow Bar & Grill Dogger Willette
Cedar Post Restaurant Bob Wells
Hob Nob Restaurant Howard Wells
Hotel St. Regis Tony Piro
Earl's Village Tavern Archie LaDue
Belvedere Restaurant Harold McCasland
Little Joe's Restaurant Ray Rock
Hotel Alpine Ronnie Hesseltine
College Inn Tommy Dukett
Blue Line Sport Shop Glenn Corl
Adirondack Body Shop Jim Derby
Tik Tok Restaurant Dick LaLonde
Moody's Boat Livery Hank Favaro
Brown Bear Restaurant
Dew Drop Inn
Hotel Saranac
Otis Transfer
Joy Tyson