This is a photocopy of what appears to be a postcard with this note on one side: “This is Mr. Steels wh[ere] I board. I sleep on tha[?] upper front veranda. H[ow] would you like to sleep as . . .Address: 107 Lake Street

Old Address: 50 Lake Street

Other names:

Year built:

Other information: According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Steele Cottage, run by William Steele, had room for 11 patients, had six cure porches and charged $10-16.50 per week.



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2010-09-13 12:09:09   50 Lake Street was a large Queen Anne style Victorian. It was gutted by fire - probably in the 30's and never repaired. The structure stood until it was eventually torn down, probably in the 60's or 70's. —