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Patient Name   Dates of Birth & Death Place of Birth/Hometown Dates in Saranac Lake Residence in Saranac Lake (post-911 address) Notes
Hilda E. Aass October 11, 1913 - 1943 Norway     Daughter of sea captain; buried with the Norwegian sailors in Pine Ridge Cemetery.
Alfred Abrahamsen April 9, 1920 - September 13, 1945 Norway 1943-1945   One of the Norwegian Sailors who cured in Saranac Lake during WWII.
Bernard M. Acosta   1931 - San Juan, Costa Rica     A photographer who acquired the former William L. Distin studio
Arturo Alemán     Cuba   Gonzalez Cottage A prominent advisor to Batista in Cuba.
Irving Altman   1900 - post 1980 New York City 1922 - 1924 Evergreen Lodge, Trudeau Sanatorium After trying to return to the city and having a relapse, he opened Altman's ladies clothing store
Helene A. Anderson       1941 Alta Vista Lodge A dietician and patient at the Alta Vista Lodge, Helene married Camilo Panerai and they bought the Alta Vista, operating it until it burned in 1958.
Tony Anderson 5/25/1899 - 8/20/1981 Long Island 1919 - 1981 8 South Hope Street Manager of the Pontiac Theater and mayor of Saranac Lake for sixteen years.
Helen Antalek       Through October 1931 Will Rogers A vaudeville performer.
Albert Charles Bagdasarian April 4th, 1897 - August 27, 1968 Cambridge, Massachusetts 1922 - 1968 Downing Block, Berkeley House, Hotel Saranac For 15 years he covered local news for WNBZ. He was devoted to contract bridge.
Raymond K. Baker 1881-1944 Watertown, NY & Washington D.C. c.1908-1915   He cured for a number of years and had two daughters.
Dr. Edward R. Baldwin 1865 - 1947 Bethel, Connecticut c.1891 - 1947 Trudeau Sanatorium Close friend of E.L. Trudeau, became Director of Saranac Laboratory
Beanie Barnet 1886 - 1977 Boston, MA 1907 - 1977 Trudeau Sanatorium, Ledger Cottage Launched a publication, The Trotty Veck Messengers, that would ultimately sell four million copies.
Elizabeth Widmer Barnet   1902 - 1980 Berne, Switzerland ? - 1980 Trudeau Sanatorium A graduate of Johns Hopkins Nursing School, She married Beanie Barnet on 6/22/1940 at Camp Intermission
Béla Bartók March 25, 1881 - September 26, 1945 Nagyszentmiklós, Austria-Hungary summers of 1943,'44,'45 Sageman Cottage, Béla Bartók Cottage Considered to be one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. Did not have TB, but a form of leukemia
Theodora Becker   August 18, 1922 - August 18, 2002 Lake Grove, Long Island, NY    Gabriels Sanatorium She was a nurse who contracted TB while at training at a hospital on 14th Street in New York City while a student at St. Mary's in Brooklyn
Wilbur F. Beckett   c. 1868 - Post 1952   August 1923 - April 1924 Sageman Cottage Dr. Bradley Sageman was a child when Beckett was curing at Sageman Cottage
Manolo Benero   November 19, 1888 - October 9, 1963 Puerto Rico 1917 - 1963 31 Franklin Avenue Met and married Pilar Gordon of Cuba. The couple settled in town and raised two sons, hosted many Latin American visitors. Manny worked at the Troy Laundry
Olaf Berge 2/18/1920-2/2/1945 Norway     One of the Norwegian Sailors that cured in SL during WWII
Rachel Rae Berger   1887-1955 Ringoes, New Jersey c. 1917 A cure cottage Rachel Rae Berger's engagement was broken when she was diagnosed with TB, and she never married. She became a postmistress in New Jersey.
John Birmingham     Brooklyn NY c. 1940s Trudeau Sanatorium Cured twice at Trudeau. After second time he became a full time resident of the North Country. Was morning announcer at WNBZ 1947 - 1951
Ena Aurelia Bontomase   May 6, 1905 - December 16, 1940 Oswego, New York      Ena Bontomase had to leave medical school in the late 1920s when she developed Tuberculosis.
Priscilla Christensen Bergren   Perth Amboy, New Jersey early 1930s Parker's cure cottage Friend of Louis MacKay, married Walter Bergren, settled in Saranac Lake.
Charlotte Stuart Best   1870-1931 Belfast, Ireland c.1906-1908 presumably Trudeau Sanatorium She published poems in the Journal of the Outdoor Life, including, "Ef You Won't Sit Out," "Battlin' With Bacilli," "Taking the Cure," and "One Physician, E. L. T" in honor of Dr. Trudeau on his 60th birthday.
Dr. Norman Bethune March 3, 1890 - November 12, 1939 Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada 1926-? Trudeau Sanatorium worked at New York State Hospital at Ray Brook Served in the Spanish Civil War and was a hero of the Chinese revolution.
Louise S. Birk   1892 - December 21, 1979 1918 - 1920 6 Elm Street   After her cure, Louise Birk was joined by her husband and their son. They opened Birk's Swiss Chalet on Bloomingdale Road.
John Baxter Black 1896 - 1923 Mansfield, Ohio July, 1918 - May, 1923 112 Park Ave. WWI Officer, Family built the John Black Room at the Saranac Laboratory in his memory.
Sidney Blanchet June 4, 1882 - November 12, 1937 Canada Early 1900s Trudeau Sanatorium Sidney Blanchet was studying medicine when he was diagnosed with TB. After his cure, he completed his degree and then returned to Trudeau as a member of the staff, working closely with Dr. Lawrason Brown, and directing the operations of the Sanatorium for a time.
George S. Brewster     New York City 1904 -   Brewster served on the board of the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium and later as secretary and treasurer.
Tony Brescia   January 1, 1915 - July 11, 1963 New York c. 1942-1963 Ray Brook Sanatorium Cured at Ray Brook and then stayed to work as an X-Ray Technician
Bill Brown   Montreal, Canada c. 1933   Bill Brown was a friend of Louis Mackay.
Georgia Watson Lee Brown   3/5/1906-10/19/1935 Thomson, GA 1934-1935 Smithwick Cottage The granddaughter of Thomas E. Watson, the leader of the southern Populists, she died in SL at age 29, leaving her husband and young son
Dr. Lawrason Brown September 29, 1871 - December 26, 1937 Baltimore, Maryland c. 1898 - 1937 Trudeau Sanatorium Resident Physician at the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium and an internationally known TB specialist
Dr. Daniel Brumfiel January 20 - August 20, 1958 Fayette County, Indiana 1925 Trudeau Sanatorium After his recovery, he practiced medicine for two years with Dr. Francis B. Trudeau, Sr.; he lived the rest of his life in Saranac Lake.
Mary Acheson Bundy     Washington, DC mid-1940s 29 Church Street Mary Acheson Bundy was the daughter of US Secretary of State Dean Acheson and wife of Assistant Secretary of State, William P. Bundy.
Ernie Burnett 12/19/1884 - 9/11/1959 Cincinnati, Ohio 1944 - 1959 Fallon Cottage Annex Vaudeville performer and accomplished composer. Famous for the song, My Melancholy Baby"
Esther Capone 4/28/1900 - 10/23/1986 Solvay, New York 1928 - 1942 Ray Brook San Esther Sullivan worked as a stenographer/typist for Emmett Dobbs in Washington, D.C. During her cure, she met her husband to be, Thomas Capone.
Thomas Capone 5/6/1893 - 1/16/1970 Rocco Ste. Felice, Italy 1925 - 1941 Ray Brook San Thomas Capone operated a smoke shop and played coronet in a band in Syracuse when he was diagnosed with TB. After their cure, Thomas and Esther married and lived in Saranac Lake
Keith Carr   1856 - 1904 Scotland 1898, 1900 - 1904 Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium, 22 Bloomingdale Avenue and 104 Main Street After Carr's death, his wife Emma Carr became a respected cure cottage operator.
Asunción Castro   c.1890-1924 Spain 1924 Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium She emigrated with her family from Spain to NYC, where she contracted TB. She died at the Trudeau Sanatorium
Ida Mannhart Chadikian January 1, 1880 - January 1, 1929 Switzerland 1926- St. Mary's Hospital Met and married Boghos Chadikian and emigrated to New Rochelle, NY, where she died of TB.
Roy Chamberlain           Roy Chamberlain was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Saranac Lake starting in 1915.
Donald Mott Chapin March 19, 1909 - March 25, 1986 Niagara Falls, New York 1926 - 1930s   Mott Chapin became a potter and a civic leader, who was deeply involved in the Saranac Lake Free Library, Rotary Club, and the Saranac Lake Study and Craft Guild.
Elise Kalb Chapin June 21, 1913 - July 14, 2009 Catonsville, Maryland 1935 68 Franklin Avenue, Smithwick Cottage, Knabe Cottage, Fraser Cottage Elise Chapin married Mott Chapin, and together they ran the Pot Shop in the 1950s. She was active with the Village Improvement Society, the General Hospital, St. Luke's Church and the Saranac Lake Free Library.
John Paul Clancy       Mid 1920s Trudeau Sanatorium After his cure, he bought what became known as the Clancy Cottage, which catered mostly to Italian patients, as Clancy's wife, Lena, spoke Italian. There were 38 patients.
William Clements 9/9/1919 - 1/22/1962 Glasgow, Scotland 1947 - Ray Brook Sanatorium William Clements came to America with his parents when he was one year old. He married in 1941 and in 1942 he came down with TB. At first he was in Seaview Hospital on Staten Island, New York and was transferred up to Ray Brook about 1947.
Alexander S. Cochran 1874 - June 20, 1929 Yonkers, New York   147 Park Avenue A man of great inherited wealth, the founder of the Elizabethan Club at Yale University, he died of T.B. in Saranac Lake at age 55
Edith Kostyk Cole         Stony Wold Sanatorium Cole later worked at Gabriels Sanatorium and Will Rogers Hospital
Robert H. Coleman   March 27, 1856 - 1930 Savannah, Georgia 1896-1930 33 Church Street Coleman was a bankrupt and tubercular iron magnate from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, owner of the Cornwall Iron Furnace
Edith Elliott Johnstone Coleman   died of TB in 1903   1896 - 1903 33 Church Street

The wife of bankrupt and tubercular iron magnate from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, owner of the Cornwall Iron Furnace

Bess Comstock May 31, 1884 January 12, 1937 Rome, NY ~1920-1927 Santanoni Apartments Bess' illness and its effect on her family are the subject of a memoir, In The Shadow of the White Plague, by her daughter, Elizabeth Mooney.
Henry J. Conley   - April 16, 1935 Brooklyn, New York 1905 Gabriels Sanatorium After curing at Gabriels he returned to Brooklyn, but in 1907 he again came to the Adirondacks and opened a funeral home on Bloomingdale avenue.
Marc Cook       1879 - 1880 Osgood Pond Cook's account of his experience curing on Osgood Pond was instrumental in the growth of the cure industry in Saranac Lake.
Herbert P. Corey   September 11, 1901 - November 9, 1933 Brooklyn, New York 1925 - ? Grossman Cottage and 57 Bloomingdale Ave. Herbert Corey was a clerk living in Brooklyn with his wife and two children when he contracted TB. He cured but died of a heart attack not long after. His brother Vincent also came to cure in the 1920s.
Vincent Corey   February 13, 1899 - November 24, 1971 Brooklyn, New York 1922 - ? 42 Woodruff St. and 52 Park Ave. Vincent Corey worked as a clerk and lived in Brooklyn prior to coming to cure in 1922. He married a showgirl in Saranac Lake. His brother Herbert also came to Saranac Lake to cure.
William L. Coulter   1865 - 1907 Norwich, Connecticut 1896 - 1907 38 Shepard Avenue and 34 Shepard Ave (residences) Architect, Partner of Max Westhoff in Coulter & Westhoff
Adelaide Crapsey September 9, 1878 - October 8, 1914 Brooklyn, New York 1913 - 1914 71 Clinton Avenue A teacher and a poet who wrote some of her best poems in Saranac Lake.
Edwin Charles Cushman Jr   died Nov, 1907 Bar Harbor, Maine c.1904-1907   An amateur anthropologist from a notable family, he worked on Navajo and Anazasi ruins, was a “special agent” for the St Louis World’s Fair, transporting the Cocopa Indians, and worked with the Ute tribes
John Theodore Dalton 1899-1927   1923-1927 Ludington Infirmary, Trudeau Sanatorium Composer, Poet, Lyricist, Contributor to the Thursday Evening Club
Elizabeth Jessie Dawe   September 12, 1926 - Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada 1944 84 Park Avenue, 58 Riverside Drive Came to Saranac Lake from Canada at age 17.
John De Giovanni October 29, 1904 - July 16, 1939 New York City 1936-1939 Will Rogers Memorial Hospital An artist and film projector, he is believed to have cured at Will Rogers. He died in Saranac Lake in the 1930s.
Eddie Diamond   June 9, 1902 - January 14, 1930   January 8, 1929 - January 14, 1930 6 Shepard Avenue Eddie Diamond was the brother of the notorious gangster, Jack "Legs" Diamond.
Anthony di Bona       1929 - Trudeau Sanatorium Di Bona was a sculptor and artist who helped to organize the Saranac Lake Art League, serving as its president for many years.
Mili Distin   c. 1920 - February 3, 2011 Glen Cove, Long Island mid-1940s   After her cure, she married William G. Distin, Jr., and helped him manage the sawmill and construction business, Branch and Callanan from 1953 until 1993, and the Distin Boat Company. In 1980, they hosted VIPs for the Winter Olympics
Juan Dobal Zarza October 21, 1893 - February 23, 1920 Havana, Cuba May 12, 1913 - June 5, 1914 Rumenapp Cottage He was nineteen when he arrived. Returning to Cuba, he married and had 3 children. When he died his eldest child was 2 1/2.
Alfred L. Donaldson 1866 - 1923 New York City 1895 - 1923 30 Church Street A banker turned historian, he wrote the first History of the Adirondacks, in two volumes.
J. Cloyd Downs 11/6/1885 - 12/1958 Niagara Falls, New York 1923-1955 11 Kiwassa A chemical engineer, he cured as patient of Dr. Packard. Moved to SL in 1927.
Larry Doyle July 31, 1886 - March 1, 1974 Caseyville, Illinois 1942 - 1954 Trudeau Sanatorium Larry Doyle was a second baseman for the New York Giants, one of best ballplayers of his time.
Hyman Drutz   1886 - 1941 New York City 1926 - ? Opened Drutz Market, he was cured
George W. Drymalski 1915 - 1998 Chicago, Illinois July 1941 - October 1943 Trudeau Sanatorium After leaving Trudeau, he resumed his medical residency and became a radiologist. He married and had nine children.
George V. W. Duryee   - 1912       Duryee was a real estate agent who organized the Saranac Lake Free Library, and later founded the Meadowbrook Farm, a successful dairy operation at Ray Brook
Percy Eastment died 1929 Glen Cove, Long Island 1925-1929 "Saranac Hotel" A publisher from Long Island, he died in S.L. of TB and was buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery
Helen Jacobson Effenbach   June 24, 1890 - June 25, 1926 New York City 1926 - ?    
Edward Edgar May 31, 1854 - June 19, 1875   1874 - 1875 Main Street Mrs. Lucius "Lute" Evans Boarding House The first TB patient to spend a winter in Saranac Lake on advice of his doctor.
Dr. Seymour Emans     New York City     Dr. Emans was the founding medical superintendent at the Rainbow Sanatorium.
Robert Farrell   May 17, 1930 Saranac Lake 1947 - Ray Brook State Hospital Robert Farrell was diagnosed with tuberculosis while in high school. He cured at Ray Brook and then learned radiology in an occupational therapy program and became a successful radiologist.
Sadie Ferguson     1930s   We know little about her; she was a friend of Louis Mackay.
Maurice Feustmann   1870-1943   1890s   Maurice Feustmann was an architect; together with William Scopes he designed many of Saranac Lake's most notable buildings.
Frank L. Fisher   - May 23, 1895 New York, New York   A house on Lake Colby Frank Fisher was much esteemed for his kindness and liberality and many other noble qualities.
Irving Fisher February 27, 1867 - April 29, 1947 Saugerties, New York  1898 - c.1900 Trudeau Sanatorium Irving Fisher was a preeminent  American economist who cured at Trudeau
John R. Freer   1876 - May 16, 1961 Kingston, New York   Trudeau Sanatorium Freer became president of the Adirondack National Bank.
Charlotte Gallery     1930s   Charlotte Gallery married Daniel after meeting him while curing in Saranac Lake. The couple moved to Fall River, Mass. after they left Saranac Lake.
Daniel Gallery     Fall River, Massachusetts 1930s   Daniel Gallery was a thoracic surgeon who came to Saranac Lake to cure. He met Charlotte Gallery while here for curing, and they married.
Alice Sterling French Gallup 11/27/1989 - c.1960 Austin, PA 1917-1960 Trudeau Sanatorium and 4 Circle Street (residence) Came for the cure and settled in SL with her two sons. Was a pianist at a local church and taught piano lessons.
Dr. Leroy Upson Gardner December 9, 1888 - October 24, 1946 Meriden, Connecticut 1917-1946 36 Old Military Road (residence) Director of the Saranac Laboratory. Lived on Old Military Road.
Anton Gedroiz   1883-1945 Detroit, Michigan 1919-1945 112 Lake Street Anton was born in Russia
Irving Gershenz     New York City - c. 1930   Irving Gershenz was a cab driver from New York City, who came to Saranac Lake for the cure.
Dr. Samuel Howard Gilliland   1878-1929 Marietta, PA 1920s?   President of the Gilliland Laboratories, founded in Marietta in 1882
Alfredo Gonzalez   1903 - 1965 San Juan, Puerto Rico 1920 - 1960s   Operated Cure Cottages for Latin American patients, the best known being 80 Park Avenue.
Alicia Gonzalez           Alicia Milanes del Prado married Alfredo Gonzalez; over the next forty years the couple would operate several cure cottage catering to Latin American patients, the largest and longest-running one at 80 Park Avenue.
Mary R. Gordon            
Richard Gould 8/2/1916 - 10/2004 Vermont 1947-1949 Trudeau Sanatorium A physician who cured in Saranac Lake
George Washington Gray   - 1936 Richmond Hill, New York 1930s   Came to Saranac Lake for the cure.
Charlie Green March 23, 1894 - January 13, 1987 Lancashire, England     Green operated Charlie Green's Market on Main Street for more than sixty years, becoming a beloved figure; he was given the Good Neighbor Award in 1969, and named Citizen of the Year in 1977.
LeRoy A. Grinnell   June 24, 1908 - July 21, 2004 Hudson Falls, New York 1934 - 1936   After recovering his health in 1936, Grinnell began working at the Trudeau Sanatorium in the pulmonary function lab, where he worked until the San closed in 1954.
William H. Haase September 12, 1866 - March 20, 1913 St. Louis, Missouri 1903 - March 20, 1913 McCarthy Cottage, Riverside Inn, Pinehurst Haase was the heir of the A.C.L Haase Company; he built Pinehurst and the Haase Block, and was active in community affairs.
Helen Hoeschele Haley   February 1, 1891 - February 14, 1932 Utica, NY 1920s-1930s Ray Brook Sanatorium Helen and her twin sister Mary both had tuberculosis and were treated at Ray Brook. Both died from TB in the 1930s.
Kathleen McFarlane Hammond   - 1917 Gananoque, Ontario Santanoni Apartments, Morgan Cottage c. 1916 Kathleen McFarlane Hammond, the daughter of a wealthy Canadian, was a composer of musical reviews. She was on the Lusitania when it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, and though she survived she soon contracted tuberculosis.
John Harlander   1893-March 1922 Rome, NY 1914-1915 Reception Hospital, potentially Yorkey Cottage Historic Saranac Lake has John Harlander's photo album from his time curing in Saranac Lake in its collection, 2022.92.1.
Evelyn Bellak Hayes   August 20, 2901 - March 12, 1932 Endicott, NY 1917 - c.1925 Ray Brook Hospital She came to Ray Brook to cure at the age of 16 and left behind a diary of her 1918 experiences there, in the Saranac Lake Free Library archive. The diary inspired a book by Shirley Morgan published in 2014.
Hunter C. Haynes 1867 - 1918   October 27, 1916 until April 23, 1917 26 Lake Flower Street Hunter C. Haynes was a barber, inventor, manufacturer, motion picture producer and director, and entrepreneur.
Gerald Haxton   1892 - 1944 San Francisco, California   Alta Vista Gerald Haxton was the secretary and companion of W. Somerset Maugham.
Bernard Stephen Heaney   December 18, 1881 - December 29, 1920 Rochester, New York c. 1920 Trudeau Sanatorium Bernard Heaney was one of four children orphaned when their mother died of TB. He died of the disease at 39.
Morris Hillquit 1869 - 1933 born in Latvia, he moved to New York City 1919   A founder and leader of the Socialist Party of America.
Mary "Mayme" Hoeschele   February 1, 1891 - January 27, 1938 Utica, NY c. 1916 Ray Brook Sanatorium Came to Ray Brook from Utica. Her twin sister Helen was also treated. Both died of TB at home in Utica in the 1930s.
Lizzie Howard   ?- 1905       Treated in Saranac Lake/
Henry J. Hudson   1887 - September 14, 1956 Stamford, Connecticut     With his wife, Hudson founded the Franklin Manor
Harry Hull   1888 - 1958 Lebanon Springs, New York 1907 - c. 1908, 1912 - 18 Lake Street After a relapse and a second cure, Harry Hull became the Village Engineer, and his wife ran the Riddle Cottage.
Alice Hunt     New York City 1885 Little Red Alice and Mary Hunt were sisters from New York City; they were the first two patients of the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium
Mary Hunt     New York City 1885 Little Red Alice and Mary Hunt were sisters from New York City; they were the first two patients of the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium
Duke Huntington     1930s 2 Broadway Ave. After his recovery, Duke Huntington stayed in Saranac Lake and soldjuke boxes, pinball and shuffleboard machines. He was a friend of Louis MacKay.
Arnout Hyde   c. 1910 - West Virginia 1944-'45 5 Shepard Avenue Arnout Hyde was a chemical engineer with the DuPont Company; he was working on the Manhattan project during World War II when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was sent to Saranac Lake. His cure was successful, and he later moved back to West Virginia.
Mary Ingersoll 1905 - 1964 Dallas, Texas     Mary E. Ingersoll was a literary agent who represented authors Walter Farley and Martha Reben.
Edwin J. Johnson     1904 - Esperance House We know very little about Edwin Johnson, but he left some intriguing photographs. (here)
David Blair Jones   9/27/1891 - 8/1955 Chicago, IL c. 1929-1944 Clara Black Cottage, 86 1/2 Park Avenue An efficiency expert for the steel industry, he was the husband of artist, Amy Jones.
Lincoln Jones   ? - 1906   1904 - 1906   Lincoln Jones owned a garment shop in Manhattan. When he found he had TB he moved to Saranac Lake bringing young Sam Edelberg with him. When he died, he left the shop to Edelberg.
Susan Kosa Jordan       1950s 34 Franklin Avenue  
Jack Kenney 4/20/1904 - 7/2/1931 Brooklyn, New York July,1930 - July,1931 McCabe Cottage A young father who cured in Saranac Lake and died here after one year. At least half of his family died of TB
Jacob Kesner   9/15/1898-6/15/57 New York, New York 1927   A Navy Veteran of WWI, he cured in 1927 and returned to SL on his honeymoon in 1941.
Dr. Hugh M. Kinghorn August 9 1869 - November 7, 1957 Ontario, Canada July 1896 - June 1897 Trudeau Sanatorium Dr. Kinghorn was known as a staunch supporter of absolute bedrest. He lived and had offices at 14 Church Street.
Elsie Steiner Kodim November 15, 1892 - July 18, 1981 Freiberg, Germany 1919 - July 18, 1981 Stony Wold Sanatorium,  26 Cedar Street, Jackson Cottage, 8 Virginia Street, Carson Cottage Elsie Steiner was a typist in New York City and came to Saranac Lake to cure. She worked as a chamber maid in area homes and at the Hotel Marcy in Lake Placid for forty years.
Joseph Kodim, Sr.   March 9, 1883 - May 17, 1933 Grunau, Austria November 8, 1926 - May 17, 1933 26 Cedar Street, Jackson Cottage, 8 Virginia Street, Carson Cottage Immigrated from Vienna to New York City. Painter decorator. Married Marie Kodim, mother of his 5 children. Married Adolfine Fromm. Married Elsie Steiner. Left his family and life in New York City for the cure in 1926. Committed suicide in 1933 at Carson Cottage.
William F. Kollecker April 15, 1879 - August 12, 1962 Brooklyn, New York 1896 - 1904 64 Shepard Avenue Kollecker was a photographer, whose legacy of thousands of photographs of the Saranac Lake area was nearly lost when he died. What remains is in the Saranac Lake Free Library
Thea LaGuardia c. 1895 - November 29, 1921 Trieste, Italy May - November 1929 76 Park Avenue Thea LaGuardia was the young wife of New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia; she died of tuberculosis at the age of 27.
Dan Landes     London, England   Santanoni Apartments  
Alfred Larsen   November 15, 1913 - March 2, 1988 Norway   Sageman Cottage One of the Norwegian sailors sent to cure during WWII, Larsen returned years later to marry the tray girl he had met at the Sageman Cottage.
Eileen Leavitt April, 1912 - November 21, 1991 Derby, Connecticut 1947-1949 Stony Wold Sanatorium Cured at Stony Wold in the late forties.
Dr. Henry Leetch 11/5/1895-4/20/1970 Washington D.C. 1929 - 1965 5 Shepard Avenue After his cure, Dr. Leetch stayed on in Saranac Lake for more than thirty years, specializing in treating tuberculosis.
Henry P. Leis June 18, 1869 - July 20, 1971 New York City 1899 - 1901 33 Algonquin Avenue Leis built The Governor hotel with his brother, George Leis, and then Henry P. Leis Pianos at 3-5 Bloomingdale Avenue.
Helen Potter Lewis 1905-1987 Evanston, Illinois 1931-1935 various cure cottages The Training Director of Filene's Dept. Store in Boston, Helen came to SL for the cure, where she met her husband, Kirby S. Howlett, Jr.
Dr. Esmond R. Long 1890 - 1979 Near Chicago, Illinois 1918 - 1919   Long became a physician; he was Professor of Pathology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Director of the Henry Phipps Institute for the Study, Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis from 1935 to 1955
Eva Long 1906-1931 Nottingham, England 1927-1929 Reception Hospital Eva died at the age of 25. Her great neice shared her scrapbook with us.
Dr. Alfred Loomis   1831 - 1895 New York City 1867   Dr. Loomis recovered from TB during a trip to the Adirondacks in 1867; he met Dr. E. L. Trudeau at Paul Smith's hotel and became his physician.
Carl Sofus Lumholtz 1851 - May 4, 1922 Faberg (Lillehammer), Norway   50 Baker Street Carl Sofus Lumholtz was a Norwegian discoverer and ethnographer known for his field research and ethnographic publications on the indigenous cultures of Australia and central Mexico.
Rev. John Lundy   1823 - Danville Pennsylvania 1877-78 Berkeley Hotel His preaching at the Berkeley Hotel led to the creation of St. Luke's Church. Later he wrote disparagingly of Saranac Lake.
Rev. Hiram W. Lyon     1925 -   The Reverend Hiram W. Lyon was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Saranac Lake from 1926 to 1937.
Patrick Raymond MacDermot 1903 - 1946 Galway, Ireland and London 1944 - 1946 88 Riverside Drive, at 5 Birch Street, on Park Avenue, and at 9 Rockledge Road Patrick MacDermot was a patient of Drs. Brumfiel, J. Woods Price, and Edward Welles.
Louis Mackay July 30, 1906 - July 12, 1973 Norwalk, Connecticut approx.1930 - 1936 Mrs. Witherbee's, Lawrence's, Carey's, Parker's Friend of Ralph (Duke) Huntington and Priscilla Christensen Bergren"
Gustav Martin December 5, 1910 - February 25, 1967 Seattle, Washington     Gustav Martin was a noted medical researcher who went on to work at Johns Hopkins after his "cure".
Christy Mathewson 1880 - 1925 Factoryville, Pennsylvania 1920 - 1925 Santanoni Apartments, Christy Mathewson Cottage Mathewson was one of the greatest baseball pitchers of all time.
Thomas O. May     Washington, D.C. 1918 Berkeley Hotel He came to Saranac Lake for the cure at the age of 39.
D. Lorne McGibbon   November 24, 1870 - April 20, 1927 Montreal, Quebec 1908 -   McGibbon became the chief benefactor of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec and of tuberculosis treatment in Canada generally.
Patrick J. McKeown 1899 - July 11, 1929 Astoria, NYC 1928-1929 26 Church Street Patrick McKeown was a young physician from Astoria. He had tuberculosis in his throat and died at the age of 30.
William McLaughlin   August 14, 1917 - 1986 Saranac Lake, New York     McLaughlin was a well regarded cartoonist, newspaper photographer, reporter and columnist.
Dennis McMahon       1875 Ensine Miller's house, Sunnyside McMahon was one of the earliest tuberculosis patients in Saranac Lake.
Daisietta McClellan       1890s Dr. McClellan House Daisietta's tuberculosis brought Dr. Ezra McClellan to Saranac Lake. After his death in 1911, his daughters sold the last few parcels of the land he had acquired in the Park Avenue area.
Dr. Gordon Meade December 9, 1905 - November 30, 1990 Rochester, New York 1932-33, 1937-1938 Trudeau Sanatorium Meade was the executive director of the Trudeau Sanatorium when it closed in 1954.
Jed Scott Merrill   - 1888       Jed Merrill's early death from tuberculosis led his brother Elmer M. Merrill to establish the Merrillsville Cure Cottage
Frank Westley Merritt   September 12, 1910 - January 15, 1997 Brooklyn, New York at least 1930 - 1935 Ecenbarger Cottage Frank Merritt graduated from the Saranac Lake High School having taken his courses in bed as a patient of Dr. Edward Packard. He became the head of the English department at Bucknell University.
Joseph Messing   1886 - November 27, 1925 Poland June 1925   Joseph Messing was living in New York City in 1923 when he was diagnosed with TB, and first sought a cure at the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society Sanatorium of Denver, Colorado. He died back in the city not long after attempting a cure in Saranac Lake.
Jennie Meyers     Plainfield, NJ 1930 and 1945 Altavista Lodge in 1945

Mrs. Meyers cured twice in Saranac Lake. Her TB card in the Adirondack Room archives was found by her grandson on a visit to Saranac Lake.

Isobel Millen   February 15, 1894 - June 24, 1976 Montreal, QC Arrived May 16, 1908. Pearse Cottage Came to Saranac Lake at the age of 14 and stayed for 6-8 months under the care of Dr. Kinghorn. Continued care back at home in Montreal.
Frank G. Miller   1929 - September 24, 1972 Saranac Lake 1929-1971 Ray Brook State Hospital Frank Miller operated a dental laboratory at 29 Bloomingdale Avenue.
Helen O'Reilly Miller   c. 1900 - May 10, 1978   1920s-1930s Will Rogers A showgirl who remained in Saranac Lake after treatment. She married Loren Miller, and operated several businesses.
William Minshull   1865 - October 2, 1924 New York City     In 1897 with two other TB patients, he formed the Adirondack National Bank.
George Jarvis Mirick died May 27, 1916 Palmyra, New York     Mirick was the Circulation Manager for the New York American newspaper
Jean Monahan           Patient at Stony Wold Sanatorium, friend of Eileen Leavitt
Dominic Morabito August 4, 1904 - May 8, 1988 Brooklyn, New York c. 1938 - c. 1945 New York State Hospital at Ray Brook Mr. Morabito cured with Richard H. Ray and appears in his book. He may have cured as long as 7 years.
William Morris 1873 - November 2, 1932 Vienna, Austria 1902 - 1906 Algonquin Hotel William Morris was a theatrical agent who founded the William Morris Agency; he represented Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, Eddie Cantor and Al Jolson. He later built Camp Intermission
Hattie Bishop Hussey Morse   November 8, 1862 - July 29, 1897 Brooklyn, NY c. 1897   Hattie Bishop Hussey Morse was the wife of Charles W. Morse.
Frank Edward Mueller   August 24, 1923 - Littleton, Massachusetts September 1960 - November 1961 Gabriels Sanatorium Frank Mueller was an engineer.
Florence Mulhern   New York City early 1950s Trudeau Sanatorium In 2011 Florence published a book about taking the cure, "The Last Lambs on the Mountain."
Elmer Mundy            
Patrick Murphy   October 18, 1920 - January 30, 1937 Cambridge, Massachusetts May 1935 - January 30, 1937 Steel Camp, 29 Church Street, Lower St. Regis Lake, Rumsey Cottage Patrick Murphy was the son of Sara and Gerald Murphy, who were friends of of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Malcolm Myatt March 28, 1888 - March 16, 1914 Raleigh, North Carolina 11 Park Place c. 1913 Earnest Myatt was a 25-year-old with a new law degree when he died, two years after his younger brother.
James McRae Myatt   April 22, 1894 - August 22, 1912 Raleigh, North Carolina 11 Park Place? c. 1913 James McRae was nineteen when he died of tuberculosis, two years before his elder brother.
Edwin Bernard Nagle   November 13, 1879 - August, 1919 Minnesota 1918-1919 9 Church Street Edwin Nagle was a life-long miner in the United States and in Cuba, where he worked as Superintendent of the El Cobre Copper mine for several years. His attempted cure was unsuccessful.
Dr. Frederick L. Neely         Dr. Neely came to Saranac Lake for the cure and married Magaret Gardner, the daughter of LeRoy Upson Gardner
John F. Neilson   - 1899       With two other TB patients, John Neilson founded the Adirondack National Bank in 1897.
Aaron S.R. Newmark           A patient at the Trudeau Sanatorium, father of patient, Helen M. Sandhaus
Dr. Joseph Nichols November 10, 1870 - June 17, 1918 Cincinnati, Ohio c. 1903   Dr. Nichols served as secretary of the T.B. Society and as president of the General Hospital.
Dick Norton     Harvard University 1952 New York State Hospital at Ray Brook The boyfriend of Sylvia Plath, fictionalized as Buddy in The Bell Jar, she visited him here and broke her leg while skiing on Mount Pisgah.

Lucile Nystrom

c. 1910

- October 22, 1975

Wisconsin 1930 Trudeau Sanatorium Lucille Nystrom was a patient at Trudeau when she was 20, which we know from Census data.  As is common, her obituary makes no mention of her cure.
Paul Ludwig Ott 1879 - 1910 Ohio ? - 1910   Died in Saranac Lake while attempting a cure.
Dr. Edward Packard 1883 - November 16, 1968 Dorchester, Massachusetts 1912 - Trudeau Sanatorium Dr. Packard was director of Trudeau Sanatorium from 1946 to 1950.
Carl Palmer         Pink Palace Carl Palmer was the son of newspaper magnate C. M. Palmer, who moved to Saranac Lake for Carl's cure.
Edward Parrott   1875 - 1944 New York City 1898   After his cure, he moved to Lake George, where he became an Episcopal priest.
Mary Kelly Parry   1918-1984 Jackson Heights, New York 1941-1955 Trudeau Sanatorium Mary was a housewife, and was married to Dr. Frazer Parry
Camilo Panerai   8/9/1910-1991 Havana, Cuba 1933-1934, 1941-1991 144 Main Street Trained as an architect in Cuba. He and his wife Helene A. Anderson owned the Alta Vista Lodge from 1941-1958
Cornelia Panos   1897m -

November 28, 1924

Greece 1920 15 Jenkins Street, 4 Riverside Drive, 4 Kiwassa Road  
Walker Percy May 28, 1916 – May 10, 1990 Birmingham, Alabama c.1941-c.1945 Trudeau Sanatorium A Southern author, won the National Book Award for The Moviegoer.
Edna Caroline Petotte   July 29, 1924 - December 26, 1975 Parishville 1930s Ray Brook Sanatorium Edna Petotte was a laboratory technician at Ray Brook after her recovery. She married James E. LaPan.
Joseph Peter Pohl   October 8, 1884 - March 26, 1924 Schenectady, NY 1919-1924   His wife Mildred May Helms Pohl ran a laundry service for TB patients in the 1930's and early-1940's. Joseph had 2 sons and 3 grandchildren who grew up in Saranac Lake.
Mary Poppick   c. 1900 Jermyn, Pennsylvania c. 1933 Trudeau Sanatorium, 1 Pine Street Mary Poppick was a shoe worker with Endicott-Johnson.
Mary Prescott October 12, 1871 - January 7, 1961 New Bedford, Massachusetts 1895 - 1950s 40 Shepard Avenue, 38 Shepard Avenue She built and funded the Reception Hospital, and donated the land for Prescott Park
Dr. J. Woods Price 1877 - 1951 Virginia Early 1900s - 1951 116 Main Street He was president of the Reception Hospital for more than 17 years.
Manuel Quezon August 19, 1878 - August 1, 1944 The Philippines 1944 Camp Massapequa He was the president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944. At the outset of World War II and the threat of the Japanese invasion, Quezón established a government in exile in the US He died of TB in Saranac Lake.
Richard H. Ray     1937-1940 A private cottage on Pine Street, Trudeau Sanatorium, Ray Brook Sanatorium Richard Ray learned photography while a patient here; he went on to become a professional medical photographer, and wrote a memoir: Saranac 1937-1940
Martha Reben 1911 - 1964 New York City 1927 - 1964 Trudeau Sanatorium, Weller Pond Guided by Fred Rice, Martha Reben camped on the shores of Weller Pond; this led to her book, The Healing Woods
Ortanza Redinger   b.1886 Pennsylvania c.1912 Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium "Tennys" employer, California industrialist, James Cox Brady arranged for her cure at the San, c.1912.
Thomas F. Reilly b.1915 Queens, NY 1969 Trudeau Sanatorium Thomas F. Reilly, son of an Irish immigrant, came to Saranac Lake about 1949 for the cure.  He died in 1969.
Branch Rickey December 20, 1881 – December 9, 1965 Stockdale, Ohio 1908-1909   Branch Rickey was an innovative Major League Baseball executive who broke professional baseball's color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson, and who drafted the first Hispanic superstar, Roberto Clemente; he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1967.
Daniel W. Riddle 1833 - June 8, 1913   1879 - Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium Riddle became the Sanitarium's first treasurer; he built the Franklin Manor, and managed the Saranac Inn for 25 years.
Fred Bernhardt Roedel   2/4/1890 - 8/6/1938 Greitz, Germany/ Clifton, New Jersey Three years curing as young man 93 Riverside Drive Fred Roedel was an engineer and poultry farmer, husband of Pearl Maria Gould
Dr. Cordt E. Rose           Dr. Rose was an anesthesiologist who lived at 170 Park Avenue.
William Richard Rosevear June 3, 1896 - December 19, 1945 Haverigg, England / Endicott, NY sometime between 1940-1945   Went by "Red," "Poppy," and "Bill."
George C. Sageman 1877 - 1930 Chicago, Illinois   8 Franklin Avenue, Saranac Inn

After his cure, Sageman worked for Branch and Callanan, and his wife ran a well-regarded cure cottage at 32 Park Avenue.

Lucy Sandella   - January 11, 1937   late 1930s   Died in Saranac Lake at age 25 and is buried in St. Bernard's Cemetery.
Helen M. Sandhaus   1923 - 2009 Lancaster, PA   Trudeau Sanatorium Reported to be the youngest patient to cure at the San, Helen was 16 when she came for the cure with her father.
William H. Scopes   1877 - 1964   1896 - Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium William Scopes was an architect. With partner Maurice Feustmann he designed many of Saranac Lakes most notable buildings.

Whitney North Seymour, Jr.

  July 7, 1923 -    

Trudeau Sanatorium,

89 Park Avenue

North was one of the last patients to cure at Trudeau, when the new chemotherapy came into use. He later returned to New York City where he was an Assistant U. S. Attorney in 1956.

Isabel Shaw   - February 26, 1926 Jay, New York c. 1923 Lane Cottage Isabel Shaw was a young mother who had TB. She and her husband built two houses— one for the children, hoping to sheild them from disease.
Dr. Norman Shefrin 1907 - 1996 Brooklyn, New York late 1940s - ? Trudeau Sanatorium Dr. Shefrin stayed on after his cure and worked on the medical staff at Ray Brook Sanatorium.
Helen Yacishyn Simeone   1910-1939 White Plains, New York 1939 Saranac Lake General Hospital Helen came for the TB cure and died in Saranac Lake at the age of 29.
Dwight S. Simpson   1883-1962 New York City 1916-1919 Trudeau Sanatorium A naval architect, he cured in Saranac Lake for three years.
Carol Smith     Late 1940s Stony Wold Sanatorium Carol Smith was a friend of Eileen Leavitt.
Isabel Smith   - January 19, 1958   1928-1948 Trudeau Sanatorium Isabel Smith spent twenty years at Trudeau; she wrote "Wish I Might," a memoir of the cure in Saranac Lake.
Madeline Smith           Came for treatment of TB, but may not have had the disease
Christian Sporck 1892 - 1985 Brooklyn, New York   Reception Hospital The Sporck family remained in Saranac Lake, operating a taxi stand and grocery store on River Street and then a motel on Lake Flower Avenue.
William Stearns   - June 6, 1983   1926 - 1930   William Stearns returned to Saranac Lake six years after his cure and became the director of the Saranac Lake Study and Craft Guild for twenty years.
William Steenken   April 24, 1901 - October 2, 1983 Brooklyn, New York 1925 - 1983   William Steenken after his cure went to work for the Trudeau Foundation
Robert Louis Stevenson 11/13/1850 - 12/3/1894 Edinburgh, Scotland 1887 - 1888 Stevenson Cottage Came to SL at height of fame. Began Writing The Master of Ballantrae in SL. Probably did not have TB, but another lung ailment.
Edwin R. Stonaker       1907 - 1910 Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium Stonaker was the president of Northern New York Telephone. He and his wife designed the Stonaker Cottage in Glenwood. He was a founder of the Saranac Lake Golf Club.
Robert M. Stover   May 27, 1917 - May 5, 1995 Irvington, New York 1940 to 1942    
LaVerne Strough     Dolgeville, New York 1911 - c. 1927   LaVerne Strough and her family moved to Saranac Lake because she and her mother were diagnosed with TB.
Harry Sullivan     New York, New York born 1881/2   In 1920 was a TB patient living at 77 Algonquin Avenue
E. Hallie Sutton   1902-1939 Buffalo, New York 1926 - 1939 Freer Cottage E. Hallie Sutton came for the cure, and lived in the village for 13 years with his wife and daughter.
Samuel D. Telford   May 25, 1898-December 28, 1924 North Hoosick, NY   Ray Brook State Hospital Telford's cure was unsuccessful and he returned to North Hoosick and died there. 
Anthony Treybal 1889 - 1935 Queens, New York c. 1927 to 1934 Baker Street Anthony Treybal died after returning to his home in Queens, New York, after an unsuccessful cure.
Dr. Charles C. Trembley September 17, 1873 - October 20, 1957 Utica, New York 1900 - Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium

After his cure, Dr. Trembley practiced medicine in Saranac Lake for more than fifty years. He was know for his story telling and practical jokes.

Mary Trombino   January 15, 1923 - March 18, 2018 Brooklyn, New York 1940-1942 Ray Brook Sanatorium Came to Ray Brook as a teenager and cured successfully. Died at the age of 95.
Denis Troy     New York City 1930's Ray Brook Sanatorium Cured at Ray Brook with his two brothers, Peter and Denis.
Peter Troy     New York City 1930's Ray Brook Sanatorium Cured at Ray Brook with his two brothers, Thomas and Denis.
Thomas Troy     New York City 1930's Ray Brook Sanatorium Cured at Ray Brook with his two brothers, Denis and Peter. He eventually retired in Saranac Lake.
Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau 1848 - 1915 New York City 1870s - 1915 118 Main Street Founder of the Trudeau Sanatorium and Saranac Laboratory
Jack Valdez          
Jeanette Valdez            
James Roosevelt Waldron December 20, 1902-July 31, 1970 Newark, New Jersey 1928-1954 Hudson Cottage, Noyes Cottage A building contractor, Waldron cured in the village and rented a house in Glenwood through the 1950s.
Ethel Mae Walsh   October 28, 1893 - July 29, 1988 New York City 1909 -   Ethel Walsh came to Saranac Lake at 16 to be treated for TB. She became an LPN, and stayed in the village until her death at 94
Thomas P. Ward   March 22, 1898 - February, 1982   Before 1922 Fallon Cottage Thomas Ward regained his health and became a well known realtor and insurance agent; he served as mayor of the village from 1935 to 1941, and as postmaster from 1941 to 1964. During the New Deal era, he was head of the regional Works Progress Administration.
James M. Wardner 1831 - 1904 Keeseville, New York 1854 - 1855 Osgood Pond James Wardner was one of the first consumptives to cure in the Adirondacks. He went on to found the successful Rainbow Inn on Rainbow Lake.
Arthur Wareham June 26, 1914 - March 10, 2005 Yardley, Pennsylvania January 13, 1943 - March 10, 2005 Shults Cottage, Agnew Cottage He was an architect who became William G. Distin's partner starting in 1950. He designed the Trudeau Institute.
Henry William Wehrle   December 15, 1889 - October 14, 1926 Utica, New York 1925-26 28 Front Street Henry Wehrle was a brakeman for the New York Central; he came for the cure and died in Saranac Lake.
William Weiss    - c. 1925 New York, New York c. 1925   William Weiss was Harry Houdini's brother. Houdini visited him in Saranac Lake to demonstrate his new routine.
Edith R. Schultz Welton Jan 1887-circa 1928 Brooklyn, New York 1926-27 Alta Vista Lodge The wife of a famous surgeon in Brooklyn, she died in her early thirties of TB
Max Westhoff  

October 13, 1874-


Brooklyn, New York 1902-1917 406 Park Avenue Architect, partner of W. L. Coulter in Coulter & Westhoff.
Edwin A. White   c. 1901 - ? Brooklyn, New York 1930 - ? 72 Park Avenue Edwin White's "cure" was not successful; he never returned home.
Joseph Wiedenmayer   c. 1905   1952-53 Trudeau Sanatorium  
James Forbes Williams   c. 1907 - 1960 Wisconsin c. 1949    
Emanuel Wolinsky   born 9/23/1917 New York City 1941-1943,1946-1958 Trudeau Sanatorium A physician in the forefront of discovering the cure for TB.
Marjorie Claster Wolinsky   born March 9, 1918 Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 1939-1958 Trudeau Sanatorium She cured for six years, met and married Dr. Manny Wolinsky
Benjamin William Woodburn   1884-1962 Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1905   He was around 21 years of age when he came to Saranac Lake. He was cured and went on to marry in 1911 and had one surviving child.
Juanita Hayman Worthington            
Ed Worthington October 2, 1909 - September 24, 1996 Dansville, New York 1934 - Trudeau Sanatorium Worthington met his wife, a nurse, while curing. He was active in rehabilitation activities such as radio, and later taught at the Saranac Lake Study and Craft Guild.
Robert L. Yeager   1907 - 1988 Mineral Wells, Texas mid-1930s Trudeau Sanatorium Yeager's cure was successful, and he became Resident Physician at Trudeau from 1935 to 1942, when he left to take a position with the Rockland County Sanatorium; the latter became a major health center which now bears his name.
Edward R. Young - 1911   Late 1890s Trudeau Sanatorium Young was an insurance agent who wrote policies for the Winter Carnival's Ice Palaces. Later, he was vice-president of the Adirondack National Bank
The nurses of the D. Ogden Mills Training School for Nurses           The school had an unusual admission requirement: an arrested case of tuberculosis.

A family outside the Noyes Cottage. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, December 6, 1985

Articles on Patient Groups

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2011-06-03 08:40:23   I am trying to find out information about my Grandfather, Edwin White who died of Tuberculosis in early 1930s. We only know that he was sent to a sanotarium in Upstate New York. —

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2011-09-03 16:15:43   Please add: George Washington Drymalski - patient at Trudeau from July 1941 - October 1943. Resident of Chicago, Illinois. At the time of entry he was 26 years old and a medical student at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. After leaving Trudeau, he resumed his medical residency and became a radiologist. He married Cecil Jordan in February of 1945. They eventually settled in a northwest suburb of Chicago, (Northbrook), which was then very rural. They had 9 children, 8 of whom grew up, and 7 of whom are still living. Dr. Drymalski suffered a relapse of TB in the 1950s when he and Cecil had 3 or 4 children. He was quarantined at Cook County Hospital and had a lung collapsed or removed entirely. He worked at Resurrection Hospital for most of his medical career, until he retired in the 1980s. He died peacefully in his sleep, perhaps of heart failure, in February, 1998, just a few weeks short of his 83rd birthday. He rarely talked about Saranac or Trudeau, but wrote letters during his stay there. It is clear that he was changed by his experience at Trudeau, being transformed from a city boy to a country gentleman; he loved being outdoors, especially in the North Woods of Wisconsin where he and his family frequently vacationed and fished. He also read x rays, pro bono, for the TB society in Chicago. He left all his children with an appreciation and love of the outdoors, a love of reading and of handcrafts, such as woodworking. —

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2011-09-25 13:37:23   I am trying to find out some information on my Aunt who had TB and was treated I believe at Saranac Lake for 2 or 3 years as a child. Her name was Dorothy M Watt born about 1905. I was told she had some "major operation" to her ribs/lungs that was very drastic and painful but saved her life. She was "cured" and went on to marry and live a good life. — — Our librarian looked up your Aunt in the TB cards. She did find a few Watts listed, but unfortunately, no Dorothy M. May we add your information to our table of patients?

2012-04-05 23:49:25   my mother contractded tb around 1929/30 and was in a hospital in upstate new york, her name was delia herling. Born in 1908. I would like to know if she was a patient at saranac lake. Any information would be great. —

2012-04-06 11:34:12   Hello — We will search for Delia in the library archives and let you know if her name appears there. I will post the info. here, or you can email me at [email protected].amycatania

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2012-08-28 13:46:26   My name is John Holiday and i am trying to find my Father who was a patient there in 1944 if you have any information i would deeply appreciate it. his name was Frank H Holiday. my email address is [email protected] — *Responded 8/28/12- libbyclark

2012-10-14 20:37:12   My grandfather, (Francis) Frank M. Ewing died of Tuberculosis in 1937. I know he was sent to the sanotarium and I am trying to find out more information and where he is buried. My email is [email protected]. Thank you. —

2012-12-19 08:29:24   I was at Ray Brook 1963 1964 was cured.............Barbara Hyatt —

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2013-05-22 12:24:28   Please add: Paul Ludwig Ott, born 1879 in Ohio and died 1910 in Saranac Lake of TB. I have a photo album of his stay there which I downloaded to a Saranac Lake history website. He married Jane Bowen Phillps and they had one son, Gordon Joseph Ott, born 1907. I know so little as I have found nothing written down. If anyone knows anything else, I would appreciate the information. Kathy Ott Sader, [email protected]. —

2013-07-12 22:27:39   trying to find out information on my great grandfather Joseph Meyers, he contracted TB and died in the 1930`s i can not find out any information on him and i do not even know were he is buried my grandfather did not speak much of him he was only 8 yrs old when he became an orphan, cause his mom died in childbirth. i do know that my great grandfather was born in New brunswick, nj any information would be helpful you can contact me at [email protected] thank you kelly-anne hilliard —

2013-08-13 14:16:32   I do not find the name of my aunt who was a patient there. I do not know the exact year. ENA AURELIA BONTOMASE, sometimes used Catherine Ena Bontomase was born in Oswego NY 05/06/1905 and died in Oswego 12/16/1940. We know she had to leave medical school in the late 1920's as she developed TB. Thank you. [email protected] —