Lake Placid News, September 26, 1930 The Silhouette was a "tea room"/speakeasy 1 during prohibition on old Lake Colby Road on the shore of Lake Colby.

The house behind the hedges was later the home of Beanie Barnet and his wife, Elisabeth.

Lake Placid News, June 27, 1930


One of the most attractive dining places in the North Country opened for the summer season of 1930 at Colby lake, just west of Saranac Lake village, last Saturday, when The Silhouette served a special opening dinner to a crowd of patrons that taxed the capacity of this new and delightful rendezvous for luncheon, afternoon tea, and dinner.

The Silhouette is owned and managed by Miss Evelyn Elliott who, last year, conducted the Villa de la Mere on Saranac avenue, Lake Placid. Miss Elliott is assisted by Miss Gladys Bishop.

With its unique and attractive decorations, its softly-colored lights, and its food of true metropolitan excellence, The Silhouette is expected to prove increasingly popular with members of the Lake Placid and Saranac Lake summer colonies, and the campers and guests at Paul Smith's, Loon Lake, Saranac Inn, and the St. Regis chain.

Here at The Silhouette they will be able to get the same food and service that distinguish the best metropolitan dining-places, together with an atmosphere of Adirondack charm, The Silhouette is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Colby, that will make a visit a most pleasurable event, one to be repeated at the earliest possible opportunity.


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