Born: 1854

Died: 1927, buried in Harrietstown Cemetery

Married: Eunice E. Otis

Children: J. Theodore Speer

Theodore V. Speer was a male nurse in the Spanish American War and later became a doctor.  He built the Montvue Hotel in Lake Clear Junction and surveyed much of the area.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 15, 1999

A bit of history of past Lake Clear schoolchildren

By Deborah J. Donaldson

LAKE CLEAR - A minute for some history in Lake Clear. Off the main road facing what we call the Old Lake Clear Road is a large maroon house that was once one of the original schoolhouses in Lake Clear.

This was built in the early 1900s and used as a schoolhouse. A man by the name of Theodore Speer did all the surveying at what was then called the Junction. There were streets with all kinds of names, like Mott View Avenue, [sic, Mont View?] which later became the Old Lake Clear Road. Theodore Speer, who had been a male nurse in the Spanish American War, was going to build a sanitarium behind where Jessie Sottile now resides. The funding never appeared...

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Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 1, 2000

From "Lake Clear News"

...Located on what we call the old Lake Clear Road there; is a rather large house that was built in 1903 by Theodore Speer. Theodore had an idea to build a sanitarium behind where Jessie Sottile now lives but the funding never came through for that. He built the large house to be used as the nurses' quarters for the sanitarium. Theodore had been a male nurse during the Spanish-American War. So the house would not go to waste, Theodore named it the “Montvue” and turned it into a health resort, “a place for rest and  convalescing, where you could receive the advantages derived from an abundance of good, wholesome, nourishing food partaken of in an invigorating atmosphere with pleasant surrounding... 

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