Trombley & Carrier, Saranac River Trombley & Carrier on the 1908 Sanborn map Trombley & Carrier was a general contracting firm and operated a mill that produced sash and trim, along with timber and siding; the company was founded in 1901. The partners were Jack Carrier and William Edgar Trombley. They built Camp Eagle Island in 1903 for United States Vice-President and New York State Governor Levi P. Morton.

Local newspapers reported the following incidents concerning the firm:

  • "Trombley & Carrier, of Saranac Lake, have in construction a camp to cost about $10,000 for H.D. Smith of New York City. The camp is to be built on Lower Saranac Lake and will be of rustic design." The Lowville Journal Republican'', 1904
  • W.E. Trombley and John Carrier's judgement against Isaac Seligman for $1400 for building materials was affirmed by the NY Supreme Court. Malone Farmer, November 28, 1906
  • The firm of Trombley & Carrier, lumber dealers of Saranac Lake, has been incorporated with a capital of $25,000. June 21, 1907 Essex County Republican
  • The planing and finishing mill of Trombley & Carrier was totally destroyed by fire. Believed to be of incendiary origin. Tupper Lake Herald, September 6, 1912.
  • The subject of one story lived in " of the houses on the Trombley and Carrier tract between Bloomingdale [sic: Avenue] and the Saranac River." April 1915, Plattsburgh Sentinel
  • The old Trombley & Carrier tract on the east side of the Church St Extension has been cleaned off and made a good clean flat stretch of land between Newman and Holmes on the north and the bank of the Saranac River on the south." Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 16, 1948.
  • The firm was dissolved by order of Governor Alfred E. Smith for failure to report in a timely manner.

    Adirondack News, March 13, 1926

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