Reverse of Dr. Lawrason Brown's Trudeau Medal. Note the rabbits and test tubes, references to Dr. Trudeau's experiments The Trudeau Medal was the highest award of the National Tuberculosis Association; the award was named for Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau. Dr. Edward R. Baldwin was an early recipient, in 1927. As can been seen in the photo, Dr. Lawrason Brown won the medal in 1933.



The Trudeau Medalist is an individual with lifelong major contributions to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease through leadership in research, education, or clinical care. This award was established in 1926 and is given in honor of Edward Livingston Trudeau, a founder and the first president of the American Lung Association.


1926-Theobald Smith, MD 1927-Edward R. Baldwin, MD 1928-Sir Robert Philip 1929-Eugene L. Opie, MD 1930-Henry Sewall, MD 1931-Allen K. Krause, MD 1932-Esmond R. Long, MD 1933-Lawrason Brown, MD 1934-William Snow Miller, MD 1935-Leroy U. Gardner, MD 1936-Edward W. Archibald, MD 1937-Charles J. Hatfield, MD 1938-Florence B. Seibert, PhD 1939-Gerald B. Webb, MD 1940-William Charles White, MD 1941-John Alexander, MD 1942-Emily P. Bissell 1943 David R. Lyman, MD 1944-James Alexander Miller, MD 1945-Florence R. Sabin, MD 1946-Max Pinner, MD 1947-Kendall Emerson, MD 1948-Rudolph J. Anderson, PhD 1949-Howard W. Bosworth, MD 1950-John B. Barnwell, MD 1951-Rene J. Dubos, PhD 1952-J. Burns Amberson, MD 1953-James J. Waring, MD 1954-Edgar M. Medlar, MD 1955-William H. Foldman, DVM 1956-Max B. Lurie, MD 1957-David T. Smith, MD 1958-H. Corwin Hinshaw, MD 1959-Edith M. Lincoln, MD 1960-Arnold R. Rich, MD 1961-Selman A. Waksman, PhD 1962-John D. Steele, MD 1963-Walsh McDermott, MD 1964-Carroll E. Palmer, MD 1965-William Steenken, DSc 1966-William B. Tucker, MD 1967-Leon H. Schmidt, PhD 1968-Dickinson W. Richards, MD 1969-Katharine R. Boucot Sturgis, MD 1970-Richard L. Riley, MD 1971-Ander F. Cournand, MD 1972-Shirley Ferebee Woolpert 1973-Julia M. Jones, MD 1974-Julius H. Comroe, Jr., MD 1975-Ronald V. Christie 1976-H. Stuart Willis, MD 1977-Alvan L. Barach, MD 1978-Theodore L. Badger, MD 1979-Oscar Auerbach, MD 1980-Roger S. Mitchell, MD 1981-Edward A. Gaensler, MD 1982-John A Clements, MD 1983-Gladys L. Hobby, PhD 1984-Mary Ellen Avery, MD 1985-Hermann Rahn, PhD 1986-Emanuel Wolinsky, MD 1987-George Willis Comstock, MD 1988-William W. Stead, MD 1989-Arthur B. DuBois, MD 1990-Jeremiah Meead, MD 1991-Lynne McArthur Reid, MD 1992-Solbert Permutt, MD 1993-David V. Bates, MD 1994-John F. Murray, MD 1995-Robert F. Grover, MD, PhD 1996-Roland H. Ingram, Jr., MD 1997-Jay A. Nadel, MD 1998-Reuben M. Cherniack, MD 1999-Peter T. Macklem, MD 2000-Joseph H. Bates, MD 2001-Alfred P. Fishman, MD 2002-John B. West, MD 2003-Gerard M. Turino, MD 2004-Philip C. Hopewell, MD 2005-Michael D. Iseman, MD 2006-Joseph Milic-Emili, MD 2007-Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD 2008-Marvin I. Schwarz, MD