The first class of the Trudeau School of Tuberculosis in the Saranac Laboratory, 1916.
Photograph by William L. Distin.
Historic Saranac Lake Collection, 2021.4. Courtesy of Trudeau Institute.
The Trudeau School of Tuberculosis was founded by Dr. Edward R. Baldwin in 1916. The school offered six-week summer courses for physicians who wished to learn the latest treatment methods for the disease. 1 It was based in the John Black Room of the Saranac Laboratory.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, June 23, 1916


The members of the Trudeau School Tuberculosis visited Sanatorium Gabriels the afternoon of June 17th to hear a lecture by Dr. H. J. Blankemeyer on "Laryngeal Tuberculosis." The lecture was followed by a clinic held by Dr. Blankemeyer and Dr. Perrin.

Following the clinic and inspection of the institution, the party which included Dr. Edward R. Baldwin, Madam Baldwin, Mrs. Taylor, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Trudeau, Dr. R. C. Paterson, and, the wives of the physicians attending the school, were entertained at a dinner given in their honor by the Sisters.

The visit was concluded with an address to the patients of the Sanatorium by Dr. Baldwin in which he spoke most entertainingly of his sojourn at Goebersdorf and Falkenstein, with reminiscences of his visit with Brehmer and Dettweiler at the fountain head of the modern sanatorium treatment of tuberculosis.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, June 24, 1919

At the fifth session of the Trudeau School of Tuberculosis, at Saranac Lake, there are thirty-three enrollments, representing seventeen different states and countries. Doctors from France and Porto Rico [sic] are among the number.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, May 21, 1926

The Trudeau School of Tuberculosis at Saranac Lake opened its twelfth annual six weeks session on Monday with an enrollment of 26. This year the student body represents two European nations and thirteen states of the U. S. For the first time in the history of the school there is no one enrolled from Canada.

Trudeau School staff, 1943Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 5, 1934; reprinted in the ADE, January 23, 2021


Two important departures from former curricula are announced in the schedule of the 1934 Trudeau School of Tuberculosis, which will begin at the Saranac Laboratory on Monday, May 21. Twenty-three students are enrolled for the session, which is the twentieth held by the school since its inception in 1916, it was announced this morning by Dr. E. R. Baldwin, director of the school.

An affiliation with the Bellevue Hospital in New York City is one of the important innovations this year. The course will be presented in six weeks, but students will have the privilege of electing to take the last two weeks at Bellevue, where the work will be under the direction of Dr. James A. Miller and Dr. J. Burns Amberson, or students can take the full six weeks in Saranac Lake. 

The fifth week of the session here will be devoted to a symposium on silicosis, which has been the major work of the Saranac Laboratory for the past fifteen years. In addition to the staff of local teachers, Dr. Leroy E. Gardner has secured the cooperation of the outstanding silicosis specialists of the country, including Dr. R. R. Sayres of the U.S. Public Health Service, Dr. Henry K. Pancoast of the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Paul Folger of Syracuse, Prof. Philip Drinker of Harvard University and Dr. A. J. Lanza of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Sixteen physicians engaged in industrial medicine have asked permission to come for the silicosis symposium in addition to the 23 who are enrolled for the full school course. It is probable that the list will be further expanded before June 18th, when the silicosis work will start.

Evening lectures from out of town this year will be Dr. Anthony Cipollora of the New York Postgraduate School, who will talk on "Tuberculosis of the Skin" and Dr. William S. McCann of the University of Rochester, whose subject will be "Fibrosis in Lung Disease."

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 16, 1953


The third week of Trudeau School of Tuberculosis opened yesterday at the John Black Room with reading of a paper by Dr. William Berenberg on "Childhood Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis Meningitis". Dr. Berenberg is Associate in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School; Chief of Children's Medical Service; and Chief of Thoracic Clinic, Children's Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts. Today's and tomorrow's sessions on resectional surgery will be held in the John Black Room under the direction of local doctors and scientists.

On Thursday, Dr. Julius L. Wilson, Director of Clinics, Henry Phipps Institute, Philadelphia, will be the guest lecturer presenting a paper on "The Changing Mortality and Morbidity of Tuberculosis."

On Friday, Variety-Will Rogers Hospital will be host to the forty-five visiting doctors. Papers will be presented by Dr. Homer W. McCreary, Dr. James Monroe, and Dr. George E. Wilson.

Friday afternoon, Dr. Herbert Maier, Associate Clinic Professor of Surgery, New York Hospital; Associate in Surgery at [illegible] and Attending Surgeon [illegible] Hill Hospital and Brooklyn Thoracic Hospital, will present a paper on "The Indication For and Results of Resection."

Saturday, the doctors will visit the Saranac Lake Rehabilitation Guild, half of the students will go to Prescott House, the other half to Guild House. William F. Stearns, Executive Director, has arranged a program to demonstrate the many rehabilitation faculties of the Guild.

Later in the morning, Dr. Richard H. Overholt, Clinical Professor of Surgery, Tufts Medical School, Boston, will be the guest lecturer, speaking on "Pulmonary Neoplasm: The Most Detectable Internal Cancer."

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 23, 1958

Trudeau To Consider Non-Tuberculous Ills

Next week the Trudeau School of Tuberculosis will take up nontuberculous and industrial chest diseases. This will be the final week of the intensive four-week session for 24 studying doctors, and it will close the School's forty- first session.

Dr. G. W. H. Schepers, director of the Trudeau School, will lecture at 9 a.m. on "Industrial Tuberculosis," and he will be followed at 11 by Dr. Donald B. Miller of Burlington, who will speak on "Mediastinal and Nonmalignant Thoracic Tumors and the Middle Lobe Syndrome."

In the afternoon, Dr. Jonathan F. Meakins of McGill University and Dr. D. Ewen Cameron of Montreal will lecture. Dr. Meakins will speak at 2 p.m. on "Sarcoidosis," and Dr. Cameron will lecture on "Emotions and Tuberculosis" at 4.



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