US Post Office, 1925. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 22, 2009 Broadway, 1930, looking south from the foot of Olive Street. The U.S. Post Office, is at right. The original broad steps have since been narrowed. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 23, 2007 The Saranac Lake Post Office was fitted with new stairs along with a handicapped access ramp in 1979; ten years later, it had to be completely redone. Plattsburgh Press Republican, July 11, 1989

Address: 51 Broadway

Old Address: 60-66 Broadway

Other names:

Year built: 1925

The 1906 Adirondack Directory lists one of J.A. Latour's liveries at this address. Then in 1917-18, the Palmer-Simpson Company built wooden sea-plane hulls here for use in World War I.

In 1924, the U.S. Postal Service constructed a new post office at 60-66 Broadway in Saranac Lake. Post Office construction was resuming slowly following World War I. The design of public buildings then was the responsibility of the Treasury Department, and the emphasis was on standard design and construction economy. This building replaced the previous Saranac Lake Post Office at 69 Main Street (old address).

In the late 20th century the Post Office conducted an historic survey of post offices that included post offices in this area. While the Lake Placid P.O. was listed as an historic building, Saranac Lake's was disqualified (according to the memory of one witness) based on the warm yellow color that the trim had been painted (it has since been repainted in white) and the intrusive handicapped-accessible ramp that had been constructed to the left of the front entrance. That ramp has since been replaced with a lower one to the right which takes advantage of the slope of the site.

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Adirondack Record, January 11, 1918


Saranac Lake now has a postoffice of the first class, having handled a volume of business of $40,178.50 during the year 1917. To become a first class postoffice that office must handle a business of $40,000 or over during the year. In 1900 the office in the mountain metropolis became a second class postoffice. The Saranac Lake Postoffice is the only first class office in Franklin county.

From the U.S. Post Office


Name Title Date Appointed
(originally established as HARRIETSTOWN in ESSEX COUNTY)
Alanson B. Neal Postmaster 8/11/1849
changed to FRANKLIN COUNTY (no date given, before 1851)
William F. Martin Postmaster 1/21/1851
changed to SARANAC LAKE on June 18, 1853
Milote Baker Postmaster 6/18/1853
William F. Martin Postmaster 7/5/1861
Chester W. Peck Postmaster 2/18/1865
Louisa E. Morgan Postmaster 7/10/1866
Andrew J. Baker Postmaster 1/2/1868
Louisa E. Morgan Postmaster 2/1/1869
Milo B. Miller Postmaster 7/24/1871
FitzGreene Hallock 1 Postmaster 2/16/1885
John Herbert Miller Postmaster 7/20/1885
William F. Roberts Postmaster 12/6/1889
John Harding Postmaster 08/29/1894
Charles S. Gay Postmaster 03/3/1899
Richard H. McIntyre Postmaster 4/8/1904
Walter E. Johnson Postmaster 1/25/1912
Cornelius J. Carey Postmaster 6/2/1916
James A. Latour Postmaster 10/26/1921
Fred C. Conrad Acting Postmaster 7/22/1929
Fred C. Conrad Postmaster 11/20/1929
Daniel S. Foster Acting Postmaster 6/1/1935
Daniel S. Foster Postmaster 1/20/1936
Thomas P. Ward Acting Postmaster 2/28/1941
Thomas P. Ward Postmaster 11/25/1941
Mrs. Madeline F. Ward Acting Postmaster 3/31/1943
Thomas P. Ward Postmaster 6/30/1945
John F. Campion Acting Postmaster 5/15/1964
John F. Campion Postmaster 8/30/1965
John Daluisio Officer-In-Charge 10/20/1989
Donald Galarneau Officer-In-Charge 2/6/1990
Frank W. Smith Postmaster 3/24/1990
Henry B. Moen Officer-In-Charge 10/16/1990
Donald W. Galarneau Postmaster 12/29/1990
Michael Chartier Officer-In-Charge 9/28/1999
Linda Osborne Officer-In-Charge 10/28/1999
Robert Armstrong Officer-In-Charge 2/15/2000
Fred A. Everhart Officer-In-Charge 6/07/2000
Fred A. Everhart Postmaster 7/15/2000
Tim Davis Officer-In-Charge 4/21/2004
Lola Williams Officer-In-Charge 6/23/2004
Henry D. Lowther Officer-In-Charge 8/31/2004
Henry D. Lowther Postmaster 5/28/2005
Gayann L. Pellerin Officer-In-Charge 9/7/2005
Gifford N. Hosler Officer-In-Charge 1/26/2006
Sharon L. Larkin Postmaster 7/8/2006
Von C. Stephens Officer-In-Charge 10/31/2012
Denise L. Lapierre Postmaster 5/18/2013


1. FitzGreene Hallock does not appear on the official U,S, Post Office list of Postmasters


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